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New Pick TSS On Downtrend Channel Breakout

This beautiful chart on Total System Services (TSS) says it all. Bought right before market close today.

Avoiding Losses In Trading

Your search on information on the topic of avoiding losses in trading says to me that your brain is in the correct place. A large amount of newbie stock traders concentrate on greediness or the reverse of risk aversion. Amateurs imagine how much money they can make if their stock goes up to xx, and not about how they can lessen stock trading losses.

Can you avoid losses in stock trading? Nix that idea. My own 10 year accuracy rate varies between 70% and 80%. In other words, 20% to 30% of my positions result in losses. However, there are steps you can take to shrink losses when stock trading.

1 – Don’t try and earn back your losses. The most awful action you can do after a loss in stock trading is to make a decision that on your next trade you will make back the loss. Lots of amateur traders will put on a riskier stock trade in a penny stock or any stock they think can appreciate in value even greater than their original losing stock trade with the plan that they will make back the money they lost. Do not do this. Getting in a riskier (Read More….)