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How The Buffett Rule Is Good For America, Good For Investors

Jennifer Crinci published an article on Yahoo’s Breakout called Buffett Rule: Another Step Toward Fiscal Disaster in 2013?

Businesses and individuals earning over $1 million per year should pay the same tax percentage that an average working American, like a secretary, pays.

This really is a non-contested issue. Anything but those making over $1 million per year paying the same tax rate as the average working American, is class warfare coming from the rich which began in George Bush’s term as President.

We all saw how pandering to the rich and giving special treatment to the well-off worked. After 8 years of President Bush and republicans throwing their whole weight in behind Trickle Down economics, I’m surprised any thinking individual would even contest The Buffett Rule.

From my own observations of people, here’s what I’ve noticed. Many people don’t like Democrats because of their pandering to the gay and lesbian community. In fact, gays and lesbians being given the same legal status as pro-creating man and women couples, is so maddening to so many people, that they hate and distrust anything coming from the democrat party.

The next group of people I’ve noticed that are against the Buffett Rule are (Read More….)