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Best Stock Chat Room and Day Trader Live Chat

Learn about the best stock chat room on the Internet. This is a live day trading chat room that lets you trade with professional traders that trade at home for a living. The robust software behind this live day trading chat room is one of the best in the industry because it supports desktop sharing, slide shows, videos, public and private chat, audio alerts, and more. This is the best stock chat room on the Internet.

Best Stock Chat Rooms

Day trading the stock market does not get any better than this. Over 500+ traders trade live inside this chat room each day making this the largest day trader live chat on the Internet. There is even a smaller penny stock chat room inside the larger day trader live chat.

Day Trading Chat Rooms Reviews

Day trading is not for everyone but if you can day trade from home or work, then you are going to love this day trader live chat.

From what I hear, the day trading chat room will get through the firewall of most companies so what a lot of people do is that they trade from their computer at work. I know of at least 5 day traders in the stock trading chat room that day trade from work.

Here is what the best stock chat room on the web looks like (click on the image below to enlarge):

best stock chat rooms

The top section is the head day trader Luke’s desktop with various strategy screeners that he shares. The bottom section is where Luke and others who are day trading the stock market talk back and forth.

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Here is a zoom in shot on the day trader live chat:

day trading chat rooms reviews

Notice James Cli says, “JRCC squeeze”. The head day trader “Jedi” Luke replies, “What james? its flat”, and then below that, “far from a squeeze imo”.

How awesome is that to get personal one on one coaching from the Jedi like that? You can quickly chart JRCC and say ok, that’s not what a squeeze looks like.

Then notice below that Jason Bond writes, “SPY setting up for a hod breakout” (hod = high of day). There are various day trading strategies like the HOD breakout and the Opening Range Breakout that day traders are using. Also, if SPY does a HOD breakout, that’s often a buy signal for swing trades and so you can expect an instant text alert from Jason Bond with his latest swing trade long play.

One of the day trading moderators Ross Cameron alerts on a day trade and a little alarm rings: