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Alert Price: $12.72
High Price: $23.75
Results: 87% in 20 Days
Alert Price: $27.22
High Price: $35.88
Results: 32% in 6 Days
Alert Price: $4.43
High Price: $5.45
Results: 23% in 3 Days
Alert Price: $8.30
High Price: $10.25
Results: 23% in 12 Days
Alert Price: $15.40
High Price: $18.67
Results: 21% in 11 Days
Alert Price: $6.89
High Price: $8.25
Results: 20% in 11 Days
Alert Price: $7.17
High Price: $8.24
Results: 15% in 6 Days
Alert Price: $8.49
High Price: $9.55
Results: 12% in 7 Days
Alert Price: $19.50
High Price: $21.93
Results: 12% in 26 Days
Alert Price: $20.00
High Price: $22.42
Results: 12% in 26 Days
Alert Price: $48.15
High Price: $52.90
Results: 10% in 14 Days
Alert Price: $67.61
High Price: $73.56
Results: 9% in 12 Days
Alert Price: $19.94
High Price: $20.75
Results: 4% in 13 Days
Alert Price: $31.53
High Price: $32.69
Results: 4% in 9 Days
Alert Price: $14.05
High Price: $14.55
Results: 4% in 21 Days

Past results are not indicative of future profits. This table is accurate, though not every trade is represented.


Top Catalysts For The Week Ending January 20 2017

Sanchez Energy = Eagleford Acquisition Doubles Drilling Inventory

Mobileye = Goldman Sachs Raised Mobileye To A Buy Rating

Tesla = Expanding Investment In Gigafactory by $350 Million, Adding 550 New Jobs To Make Model 3

AbbVie = Gets FDA Approval For Imbruvica

3D Systems = Hearing Takeover Rumors Circulating About GE

International Game Technology = Wins Big Contract From Svenska Spel in Sweden

WiLAN = Court of Appeals Grants WiLAN Positive Rulings In Case Against Ericsson

Gilead Sciences = Hearing Takeover Rumors Circulating

Juno = Hearing Juno Takeover Rumors Circulating

Fusion Telecommunications = Awarded 3-year $100K For Managed Cloud Services

Teva Pharmaceutical = Receives FDA Approval For Vantrela ER

EPAM Systems = Lands Giant UBS Multi-year Agreement Valued At Over $300 Million

Tutor Perini Building = Receives Notice of Intent To Award a $1.37 Billion Contract From Los Angeles County

Amicus Therapeutics = Hearing Takeover Rumors Circulating

CEMEX = Trump Build That Wall Play

Iridium Communications = Announces Successful First Launch For Space-Based ADS-B Network

Applied Optoelectronics = Play On Switch From Copper To Optical Interconnect Inside Datacenters

3D Systems = Expands its Virtual Surgical Planning Service to Include Cranial Applications

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What happens when a stock moves from OTCBB to the Nasdaq?

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I hold a pink sheet stock. It has applied to be traded on the nasdaq. Will my stock become worthless if this happens, or will it benefit the stock price?

Traders call these stocks jumpers. It will benefit you greatly but it’s bad play that you should never do again. Pink sheets should be named pink sh*ts. Never invest in pink sh*ts or OTCBB stocks. Just say no.

I lost thousands of dollars trying to invest in jumpers. In one stock, I lost $10,000. That stock was called Plasticon (PLNI). I held it for 3 freakin years! What a waste of time and money that I can never get back. Jim Turek, the CEO of PlastiCON scammed everybody. He uses Investors Business Daily and Yahoo Finance to publish and run articles that were complete lies! He even filed false reports with the SEC some 2 years late! The SEC is going after Turek for fraud and are seeking jail time. Investors were simply screwed.

PLNI is not a rare event either. 75% of all companies listed on the pink sheets are scams. Think about it. Why would they be listed there if they were a reputable company? It only costs a couple thousand dollars to be listed on a major exchange. You can hire a company that will handle all the paper work and a public listing for you. No good company would ever elect to be listed on the pink sheets. The OTCBB isn’t much better.

Investing in pink sheet stocks and looking for jumpers is a fool’s game over the long run. More traders have been carried off the battle field in a body bag because they invested in pink sheet and OTCBB stocks than all other exchanges combined.

Stocks trading on the pinks have almost no legal obligations regarding disclosures. This means that you have no rights as an investor.