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Alert Price: $12.72
High Price: $23.75
Results: 87% in 20 Days
Alert Price: $27.22
High Price: $35.88
Results: 32% in 6 Days
Alert Price: $4.43
High Price: $5.45
Results: 23% in 3 Days
Alert Price: $8.30
High Price: $10.25
Results: 23% in 12 Days
Alert Price: $15.40
High Price: $18.67
Results: 21% in 11 Days
Alert Price: $6.89
High Price: $8.25
Results: 20% in 11 Days
Alert Price: $7.17
High Price: $8.24
Results: 15% in 6 Days
Alert Price: $8.49
High Price: $9.55
Results: 12% in 7 Days
Alert Price: $19.50
High Price: $21.93
Results: 12% in 26 Days
Alert Price: $20.00
High Price: $22.42
Results: 12% in 26 Days
Alert Price: $48.15
High Price: $52.90
Results: 10% in 14 Days
Alert Price: $67.61
High Price: $73.56
Results: 9% in 12 Days
Alert Price: $19.94
High Price: $20.75
Results: 4% in 13 Days
Alert Price: $31.53
High Price: $32.69
Results: 4% in 9 Days
Alert Price: $14.05
High Price: $14.55
Results: 4% in 21 Days

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Top Catalysts For The Week Ending January 20 2017

Sanchez Energy = Eagleford Acquisition Doubles Drilling Inventory

Mobileye = Goldman Sachs Raised Mobileye To A Buy Rating

Tesla = Expanding Investment In Gigafactory by $350 Million, Adding 550 New Jobs To Make Model 3

AbbVie = Gets FDA Approval For Imbruvica

3D Systems = Hearing Takeover Rumors Circulating About GE

International Game Technology = Wins Big Contract From Svenska Spel in Sweden

WiLAN = Court of Appeals Grants WiLAN Positive Rulings In Case Against Ericsson

Gilead Sciences = Hearing Takeover Rumors Circulating

Juno = Hearing Juno Takeover Rumors Circulating

Fusion Telecommunications = Awarded 3-year $100K For Managed Cloud Services

Teva Pharmaceutical = Receives FDA Approval For Vantrela ER

EPAM Systems = Lands Giant UBS Multi-year Agreement Valued At Over $300 Million

Tutor Perini Building = Receives Notice of Intent To Award a $1.37 Billion Contract From Los Angeles County

Amicus Therapeutics = Hearing Takeover Rumors Circulating

CEMEX = Trump Build That Wall Play

Iridium Communications = Announces Successful First Launch For Space-Based ADS-B Network

Applied Optoelectronics = Play On Switch From Copper To Optical Interconnect Inside Datacenters

3D Systems = Expands its Virtual Surgical Planning Service to Include Cranial Applications


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2 Market Maker Tricks to Avoid

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The market maker, as the name implies, refers to a financial institution that has agreed to accept the risk of holding a certain amount of shares in a specific security in which they will trade on behalf of the client. In short, they act as the middleman. These guys are well known to be armed with many tricks to try and ‘scare’ away the newbie trader. If you are new to trading, here are two market maker tricks that you should be aware of.

1. The Head Faking Trick

The head fake trick is possibly the most common of mental mind games played by market makers today. The purpose of this strategy is very similar to the head fake found in football. Here, the market maker will make it seem as if the play is going into the opposite direction of what it is supposed to, before hitting a reverse. Head fakes can easily be recognized by the way they appear from nowhere. Furthermore, the stocks will also decline violently. This way, no one steps in to buy and the market maker achieves victory. It is all in the way the maker places his bids and offers that causes the outcome. The end result, most often, equals incredible profit.

2. The Spoofing Trick

In this market maker trick, the trader will place a large, set buy order in a particular stock that he owns. However, he will cancel the order within a few seconds after purchase. This stunt will cause the market to rapidly climb – ultimately giving the newbie the impression that there is a high demand for the stock. This strategy is generally nothing more than the artificial impression of the intent to either buy or sell shares. Don’t be fooled by rapid market shooting, especially if it appears out of nowhere.

By now you should already know that market makers are out to make money. In fact, it is their job. It is also a fact that somewhere along the line you will find yourself facing one of the many market maker tricks used by the big boys. You can counter some of their tricks by using these professional trading secrets as part of your trading strategy. Be sure to know what to look out for.