$1.7 Trillion Dollar Spending Bill Signed Into Law and What’s In It

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The $1.7 trillion spending bill passed in the House, the Senate, and then was signed into law by Joe Biden on December 29, 2022.

House and Senate members are claiming they were not given time to read the bill and so they don’t know what’s actually in it. This is called plausible deniability where, in order to avoid condemnation from your voting base, you claim the other side did not give you time to read it. The other side claims it was a bipartisan bill and so it’s circuitous logic with neither side taking blame.

No Washington D.C. reporter calls out this dishonest, circuitous logic blame game otherwise they would be shunned and lose access to inside information. All a reporter would have to ask is, “Why would you ever vote for something you never read. Are you mentally challenged? So you mean to tell me that it could have said launch nukes against Russia and you would have voted for that?”

As investors and stock traders, we ought to know what is in the $1.7 trillion spending bill as we compare it to our Outlook for 2023 prediction. We want to see confirmation of the general themes we believe will play out in 2023.

Ukraine Gets $45 Billion Dollars

Ukraine is getting $45 billion. That’s $215 taken from every person in the U.S. that is over the age of 18. This money is going into death weaponry that will target Russians in Ukraine as well as inside of Russia itself. We just got $45 billion dollars closer to a nuclear war with Russia.

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Offense Spending

Let’s be real for a minute. Defense spending is really Offense spending under the Obama, and now Biden regimes. When you overthrow the elected President of Ukraine, install a puppet government that ‘cleanses’ its own people that opposed the overthrow, then you attack a neighboring country that tries to stop the ‘cleansing’, you can’t really use the term Defense anymore.

Offense spending accounted for 75% of the increase in spending this year.

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Farmers Hit By Tornadoes

U.S. farmers that have been hit by tornadoes, severe weather, and other natural disasters, are getting $38 billion. You would think that help for U.S. citizens would be above Ukraine but in globalism, unelected elites out of Davos and the World Economic Forum drive how much is spent, and on whom.

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Certified Presidential Election

A provision is in the bill that makes it harder to hold a physical count and audit and overturn a certified Presidential Election by taking it to the Supreme Court. Without election reform including, identity verification, improved security on voting machines, and improved security on absentee ballots, this seems like it makes the kind of cheating we saw in 2020 and in the 2023 mid-terms, even easier. Just because something is certified, it doesn’t make it accurate. The certification of fraudulent elections will now be the law of the land. Keep in mind, both Republican and Democrats voted for this provision in the $1.7 trillion spending bill!

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January 6th Prosecutions

In the wake of the 2020 election fraud, a million+ Americans assembled in the Capitol on January 6th to address their grievances in the largest protest on the Capitol in American history. Now a provision is in this spending bill that will provide more money to prosecute any American that showed up to protest the most despicable example of a free election in U.S. history. Now that we have news that Ray Epps worked with the FBI to stir up the crowd into breaching the Capitol building, I wonder if Ray Epps and the FBI will be included in the expanded January 6th prosecutions? Of course they won’t. This provision will be used to go after President Trump and his supporters creating even more animosity and bad-will throughout the country.

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Tick Tok Ban

There is a ban on using tick tock on federal devices out of fears that the Chinese will be spying on these devices.

Protections For Pregnant Workers

Employers will now be required to give pregnant women additional bathroom breaks, stools to sit on, and exemption from lifting heavy objects. You would think that if the Federal government really wanted to protect pregnant women, they would stop supporting a COVID-19 ‘vaccine’ that has caused miscarriages to surge by over 4,000%. I know, f**k me, right?

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This $1.7 Trillion Spending Bill Should Really Improve the Economy

So great to see a bipartisan spending bill that’s really going to help out the American people and sectors of the economy that have been hit the hardest by inflation and interest rate hikes.

It’s just so refreshing to finally see a spending bill out of Washington D.C. that isn’t going to be a huge burden on American households.

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