Day Trading Chart Patterns

One of my favorite day trading chart patterns to swing trade short term is the Symmetrical Triangle breakout. The Symmetrical Triangle formation is sort of odd since it appears as if energy increases as the stock moves closer into the head of the formation then it abruptly does a breakout. The anticipated target of the […]

Pair Strategy

I have received tons of attention on my pair strategy trade and the position I entered in both Apple and Research In Motion. I went long Apple and short Research In Motion. The approach of matching a long position with a short position in two stocks of the same sector is called pair trading. This […]

Avoiding Losses In Trading

Your search on information on the topic of avoiding losses in trading says to me that your brain is in the correct place. A large amount of newbie stock traders concentrate on greediness or the reverse of risk aversion. Amateurs imagine how much money they can make if their stock goes up to xx, and […]