Month: February 2013

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How To Day Trade Stocks – Learning Day Trading


Day trading is not a strategy like swing trading. Day trading is a reference to holding a trade a minute to a few hours at most. That’s it. I think a lot of people who want to learn how to day trade stocks have the wrong idea about what day trading is. There are hundreds Read More »

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Stock Quotes Watchlist


Having a stock watchlist is probably THE most important tool to have as a trader but if you’re like most, you don’t really know how to use a watchlist. A stock watchlist is not just a list of stocks you would like to buy, but can’t right now so you put them on a list Read More »

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Stock Trading for Dummies-What All Investors Need to Know


Anyone looking for an easy way to bring in some extra money should look into investing in stocks and bonds. History has shown stocks are very profitable when investing for the long term. Knowing when to buy and when to sell is the key to success as shown by the number of people on the Read More »

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Best Day Trading Software Strategies


The best day trading software, hands down, is E-Trade Pro. Folks, it blows away Scottrade and even TDAmeritrade in my opinion. I’ve seen more people quit their day job and trade at home for a living using E-Trade Pro than any other software platform. Day trading software alone is not going to automatically make you Read More »

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Swing Trading Strategies For Finding Oversold Stocks


Folks, I’m convinced that the reason most people lose in the stock market is because they use a trend following strategy in a trading market. Swing trading strategies are important to learn because in a trading market (also called a stock pickers market), you can transition from a trend following strategy into one of several Read More »

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Best Penny Stock Screener


I’m going to show you the best penny stock screener on the web. The best part of all is that it’s free for all the basic features I’m going to show you and it only costs money if you want the advanced features. Penny Stock Screener Software Finding the best penny stock screener software though Read More »

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How To Make Money Trading Stocks


How to make money trading stocks involves thinking like a trader. Did today’s market action seem random to you? Do you feel like you are just flipping a coin when you trade? If you do, it means you are not thinking like a trader. Make Money Swing Trading The S&P 500 goes through periods of Read More »

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Investing For Beginners


When I first began investing back in 1995, I had no idea what I was doing. I thought that learning to read a stock chart was going to make me a rich investor. Knowing how to read a stock chart and being able to make money at trading are two completely different things. Stock Market Read More »

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Day Trading Gaps Secret To Skyrocket Your Stock Trading


A gap is a change in price levels between the close and open of two consecutive days. A gap up open occurs when the opening price is greater than the previous day’s closing price. A gap down occurs when the opening price is lower than the previous day’s closing price. Several things can cause gap Read More »

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Investing For Dummies That Will Shock You


This stock investing for dummies tip is going to rock your world and send you laughing all the way to the bank. This is one of the best investing tips you are ever going to get: always know the short interest days to cover metric when playing the oversold chart pattern. Investing 101 When you Read More »