Day: February 18, 2013

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Day Trading Gaps Secret To Skyrocket Your Stock Trading


A gap is a change in price levels between the close and open of two consecutive days. A gap up open occurs when the opening price is greater than the previous day’s closing price. A gap down occurs when the opening price is lower than the previous day’s closing price. Several things can cause gap […]

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Investing For Dummies That Will Shock You


This stock investing for dummies tip is going to rock your world and send you laughing all the way to the bank. This is one of the best investing tips you are ever going to get: always know the short interest days to cover metric when playing the oversold chart pattern. Investing 101 When you […]

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How to Use ETrade Pro and Day Trading For a Living


Tools… tools… tools. I can’t stress enough how important the tools you use are. This is especially important if you want to learn to trade at home for a living yourself. Think of tools as more than just tools. In the case of a brokerage firm, it’s the very lens that you look through to […]

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Level II Trading: Using Level II Quotes For Maximum Profit


Have you heard of level II trading quotes but haven’t been able to figure out if it’s something that will help you trade? Using a level II trading platform might not be for everyone, but it’s not as difficult to learn as you might think. Level 2 Stock Trading Level II (i.e. Level 2) gives […]

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Day Trading Strategies and Making $20,000 In a Single Day!


Strategies for day trading mean that a stock is bought and sold within the same day. Day traders take a large amount of money and profit off of small price movements. In this lesson you will learn a couple of day trading strategies that work and then you will see how a top day trader […]

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Opening Range Breakout Strategy


The opening range breakout strategy is one of the more popular day trading strategies. In this lesson you will learn how the opening range breakout strategy works in order to better decide if it is a day trading strategy you want to try. Opening Range Breakout Strategy The opening range breakout strategy defines a high […]

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Stop Limit Order Your Way To Massive Profits


Have you ever wondered why some traders swear by stop limit orders? Maybe you’ve thought about using them but really don’t understand how they work or the way to use them profitably in your trading. Fret no more because you are going to learn how easy it is to use a stop limit order. In […]

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Best Chart Patterns To Trade For Eye-Popping Profits


What are the best chart patterns to trade? There is a lot of confusion when you first start trading because everywhere you find different books and websites that claim different stock patterns or technical indicators are the best. How is a new trader going to know what the best chart patterns to trade really are […]

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Stock Market Investing Strategies: Finding The Catalyst


Stock market investing strategies are great as long as they work. Learn one simple investing strategy that you can do with Google Finance in about 30 seconds that works really well in any market. Does This Work With Other Stock Market Strategies? Out of all the stock trading strategies you will find over the Internet, […]

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How To Trade Stocks: Learn To Trade


One of the most important aspect of how to trade stocks effectively is the catalyst. Every time I mention the catalyst, people want to talk about something else. Why? A trader buddy of mine said well Lance, I just read the chart and follow that. What?! No! How To Trade Stocks For Beginners If you […]