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What is trading psychology?

Trading psychology has to do with the mental state of an individual trader, and the mental state of all market participants.

Trader Psychology

Trading psychology is just as important as technical analysis and fundamental analysis (the four major disciplines that traders learn are: fundamental analysis, technical analysis, trader psychology, and money management).

Discipline, emotional control, and risk management are three important aspects of trading psychology. The four major emotions that traders must learn to control are: fear, greed, hope, and regret. Trading psychology is all about master control over these four major emotional states.

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Practice Stock Trading

It’s a good idea to practice stock trading before risking your hard earned money in the stock market. What’s the most important thing to practice to increase your odds of being a successful trader? Learn how to spot a good catalyst.

Years ago, I use to teach the concept of a profit thesis. I’ve since replaced the term profit thesis with the word catalyst. A catalyst is what will cause a stock to move higher or lower. Think of the catalyst as the driver of the stock.
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Learn To Trade Stocks Like a Pro With Fundamental Analysis

Learn to trade stocks like a pro by understanding fundamental analysis and by reviewing the basics over and over again. I know that as soon as I say, “review the basics”, everyone wants to move on to something else because, after all, they already mastered the basics years ago.
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What Is the Best Stock To Buy Right Now

My entire focus is in determining what is the best stock to buy right now. Have you noticed that there is a big difference between market commentators versus those who actually trade for a living?

It seems like everyone wants to be a “mini-John Murphy” or something. But I have a question for you. Have you ever heard John Murphy or Arthur Hill mentioned as one of the top traders on Wall Street? This is not an insult to John Murphy. I have mad respect for John Murphy.
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