Month: May 2013

Chart with Fibonacci retracement lines

How To Use Fibonacci Retracement


Fibonacci retracements are a valuable tool for both day trader and swing trader. The most popular Fibonacci Retracement levels are 38.2%, 50%, and 61.8%. These levels are often where a stock, after a big move up, will retrace or pull back to. Knowing these amazing levels can help you better time your entry in a Read More »

Target. The Watch List

Stock Market Watch List Is the Secret To Success


Having a stock market watch list is the secret to success when you trade at home for a living. In this lesson you will learn a proven, money making system for using watch lists. Stock Market Watch List Software The best free stock market watch list software to use is Finviz. Go here to sign Read More »

Phases a stock goes through. Oversold flush with long lower shadow and confirmed by RSI. Cand over candle reversal confirmed by break above RSI 30 line. Continuation pattern. Breakout.

Stock Technical Analysis – Ascending Triangle


A pattern that you will see swing traders use time and time again to make money is the Ascending Triangle. Stock technical analysis does not have to be complex or even difficult. In this lesson I will teach you more about the Ascending Triangle and how to trade it. Stock Technical Analysis Basics There are Read More »

Man with shocked look on face

Stock Trading Training and $10,000 In 10 Days


Here is a little secret only the best stock traders know: all money making chart patterns fall into just three chart patterns. In this stock trading training lesson you will learn what these three chart patterns are and how to use them to your advantage. Stock Market Trading Training When you first started your stock Read More »

Intradasy charts of JPCC and SPY

Stock Trading Seminars: Basing Patterns


Forget expensive stock trading seminars, this free lesson will help you better time explosive intra-day price moves. Stocks will base or go sideways, then break either up or down. This makes the basing pattern or the consolidation pattern a great money making pattern. On May 1, 2013, I made a killing in JRCC using the Read More »