Month: June 2013

Frustrated facial expression with stock chart going down overlay

Swing Trading 101: 6 Lessons From a Losing Trade


The best lessons come from losing trades. In this lesson, I look at a losing trade and what lessons can be gained from this trade. As a famous trader once said, “The only thing that stopped me from making even more money trading was my winning trades.” Think about that. While we all hate losing Read More »

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Learn How To Short the Market With UVXY


On June 5, 2013, the market dropped 200+ points but I know a trader who made $5,000 from it! In this lesson you will learn how to short the market even if you do not have a margin account. Short Market Definition Shorting the market means that you are betting that the market is going Read More »

Breakout becomes headfake in a trading market

Trend Trading For a Living


A lot of the mistakes stock traders make comes from not identifying the type of market we are trading in, and adapting the right stock trading strategy to compensate. In this lesson, you will learn about trending vs trading markets and how it pays to adjust your trading strategy in each. Trending vs Trading When Read More »

In a trading market, breakout often become headfakes. In a trading market, oversold patterns are better

Breakout Chart Patterns


Hot stock picks often have breakout chart patterns but this is one of my least favorite patterns to trade. Breakout stocks are probably not what you think they are. Breakout chart patterns are the last phase that stocks go through. First there is the oversold pattern, next the continuation pattern, and then the breakout chart Read More »