Month: October 2013

US Government Shutdown Puts US Economy Into Recession


Incredible as it may seem, the US government shutdown put the economy into a recession according to the latest US manufacturing output report. The negative effects of the government shutdown, like ripples in water, are traveling through the economy and we’re seeing them now in the fundamental analysis reports we track each month. Chris Williamson, Read More »

Is a Deflationary Crash Coming?


What is deflation in economics? Negative inflation is deflation. Deflation occurs when the rate of inflation falls below 0%. Deflation results in a decrease in the price of goods and services. What is deflation and why is it bad? Low inflation is good for business but if the inflation rate drops below 0%, it’s bad Read More »

Government Shutdown Will Likely End by Next Friday (10/06/2013)


Republicans have been planning to shutdown the government for months now in a last ditch effort to defeat and defund Obamacare. The New York Times reports, “Shortly after President Obama started his second term, a loose-knit coalition of conservative activists led by former Attorney General Edwin Meese III gathered in the capital to plot strategy.” Read More »

Fish about to eat another fish. Prey or predator?

Stock Trading Strategies: Predator or Prey


Understanding time frames and how traders with different stock trading strategies interact, is challenging to understand for even experienced traders. There are many different stock trading strategies that work and this lesson unifies all those stock market trading strategies into one grand unified theory lesson. Many years ago, Steve Sando who lives in California’s Central Read More »