Kill Dollar Bill Update: Russia China Ink Huge Deal

Russia and China signed a huge deal today where VTB, one of Russia’s largest banks, and the Bank of China, will pay each other in domestic currencies which will bypass the US dollar for investment banking, inter-bank lending, trade finance, and capital market transactions.

The deal is worth an estimated $100 billion dollars a year but it is only just the beginning.

Congress and President Obama were repeatedly warned by Russia to stop overthrowing governments in their hemisphere. Congress did not listen. Russia repeatedly warned the US that sanctions against them for what is happening in Ukraine will result in the dumping of US dollars for trade. Congress did not listen. Congress never listens. It’s a corrupt body controlled by rich elites.

Hope the John Kerry photo op in Kiev a couple of months ago was worth it. I know the Hunter Biden natural gas job was.

Should have voted for Ron Paul:

The rest of the world sees very clearly what is going on in Ukraine. Prepare to see more trade agreements between countries that eliminate the need for US dollars.


What the NWO will likely do is to try and disrupt the relationship between Russia and China. If a “false flag” can be created that breaks up that relationship, either country or both will come racing back into using US dollars for trade.