Eagle Rock Candle Over Candle Signal

Eagle Rock Energy Partners (EROC) develops and produces oil and natural gas properties located in south Alabama, the Mid-Continent, Permian, and Louisiana; and has natural gas gathering and processing assets in the Texas Panhandle, east Texas/Louisiana, south Texas, and the Gulf of Mexico.

Insiders are buying shares. Chairman Joseph Mills bought 6,000 shares on August 27, 2014. Chief Financial Officer Robert Haines bought 5,000 shares on August 27, 2014. According to both Form 4s, they bought these shares at around $4.10 per share. They each bought about $20K worth of shares.

EROC has just formed a candle over candle buy signal off the previous $4 support area, with an MACD buy signal:

EROC has formed a beautiful candle over candle off previous support. The MACD histogram bars have just gone positive. Chart source: TC2000.com

EROC has traded mostly within a range of $4.05 to $4.15 over the last 5 trading days, but exploded out of that range on Friday as you can see on the 10 minute chart:

On a 10 minute chart of EOC over the last week, you can see how the stock absolutely exploded on Friday, August 29, 2014. Chart source: TC2000.com

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Finding Stock Trading Catalysts

Folks, finding a catalyst that can power a stock or an entire sector higher is the key to killer profits. Catalysts are more important than being able to read a chart or a financial statement.

You can be the best technical chartist in the world but still go broke in the stock market. You can have a Harvard MBA and know how to read financial statements like the back of your hand and still get b*tch slapped and lose all your money to other traders in the stock market. However, if you know how to spot a catalyst and position early, you can make a fortune in the market and know very little about how to read charts and financial statements.
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3 Principles of Trading Penny Stocks Safely

A lot of traders lose in the penny stock market because they put on added risk just because they are trading penny stocks. Just because you are trading penny stocks, it doesn’t mean you should ignore the 3 principles of trading. These are time tested principles that will put the odds in your favor.
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Ali Baba (BABA) IPO Sympathy Play

Most average investors and traders do not participate in IPOs. That’s a good thing. The IPO market has really morphed into a strange sort of money grab marketing with questionable ethics.

The Ali Baba (BABA) IPO will probably be the biggest IPO of 2014. Ali Baba ticker BABA on the NYSE is set to begin trading sometime in mid-September.

A sympathy stock that could run up in anticipation of the BABA IPO is JD.com (JD). JD is often called the Amazon (AMZN) of China.

JD’s revenue increase a whopping 64% year-over-year. The number of customers the company served in Q2 nearly doubled.

Chart of JD

The chart of JD.com (JD) shows that an Ascending Triangle has formed as the price tests $31.90 resistance. The money stream and MACD are both bullish. Chart source: TC2000.com

The chart shows JD is attempting an IPO base breakout ahead of the Ali Baba (BABA) IPO.

Disclosure: I do not hold any shares of JD nor will I be taking part in the IPO of BABA and I don’t hold any BABA shares.