Month: July 2016

Deadly Parasitic Derivative Collapse Spreading Through Global Markets


Deutsche Bank may be on the verge of collapse. Last week Deutsche Bank reported Q2 2016 earnings of 20 million euros which is a 98% drop in earnings year-over-year. In 2015, Deutsche Bank announced its first full year of loss since the 2008 recession. Deutsche Bank’s stock is down -60% over the last year meaning Read More »

Market Shocker: US GDP Biggest Miss In 15 Years


US GDP was a colossal disaster in Q2, coming in at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 1.2%. Analysts forecasts were more than double that at 2.6%. The miss on GDP was the largest since Q2 2001. The Wall Street Journal writes… The economy has grown at less than a 2% Read More »

GDP Q2 Forecast Plunges


The Q2 GDP forecast was just released a few hours ago. The forecast plunged -25% from 2.4% to 1.8%. What caused the fall in the GDP forecast? The international trade deficit. June had a trade deficit of $63.3 billion. The consensus range was between $-60.2 billion and $-62.7 billion. Remember, a trade deficit subtracts from Read More »

An info graphic that shows the different leading economic reports Lance Jepsen tracks as they relate to the GDP. GDP has the reports ECRI Leading Index, stock market, and Yield Curve Spread. The C component of the GDP formula has Consumer Confidence, Retail Sales, and Home Sales. The I component of GDP formula has ISM Manufacturing Index. The G component of GDP formula has Treasury Report. The X minus M component of GDP formula has trade report.

Powerful Economics Case For Trumponomics


One of the reasons I began supporting Donald Trump and declared GuerillaStockTrading as an official supporter of the Trump candidacy had to do with economics and ultimately the stock market. The majority of people who are against Trump are not very smart when it comes to understanding international trade and macroeconomics. Donald Trump has nothing Read More »

Alex Jones Attacked Outside RNC, Fights Back!


Alex Jones was outside the RNC in Cleveland exercising his right to free speech when he was attacked by a communist left group. Alex Jones knows what he’s doing. Notice when the communists started yelling and pushing against Alex, he ducked down and rammed the guy with his body and I wouldn’t be surprised if Read More »

Cleveland Outside RNC Citizens Give Police Standing Ovation


While police across this country have been under siege, they are still stepping into harms way by providing security at the RNC this week. Police are defending Americans right to assemble as part of our democracy. Whether you are a Republican or not, you have to applaud these heroes, and that’s what a lot of Read More »

The US Descends Into Terror As Violence Explodes Higher


Beyond any doubt, we have a horrific trend of rising armed violence across the US. I warned about this rising destabilizing violence here. At some point, something colossal and dangerous is going to happen, and it’s going to crash US markets. We could be looking at our next Black Swan event. Read More »

Positive Surprise Economic Data Raises Rate Hike Outlook By Year End


Last week was a big week for trader psychology with multiple economic reports showing the US economy was not in free fall. The Fed Funds Futures market is pricing in a 43.3% probability of a rate hike by December 14, 2016. Below is a quick breakdown of the better than expected economic reports last week. Read More »

Rumor Trumps VP Will Be Mike Pence


Rumors are circulating that Donald Trump told party officials Thursday that he has chosen Indiana Governor Mike Pence as his running mate. The decision is supposed to be made public at a press conference in New York City at 11:00 a.m. ET on Friday. Below is a profile of Mike Pence and a timeline of Read More »

Cotton Explodes Higher As Hedge Funds Move In