Month: August 2016

That Is Not a Good Thing: US Unemployment Rate Falling


The main rug on which perma-bulls stand is the falling unemployment rate in the U.S. A falling unemployment rate seems like a good thing for markets but is it? Japan Unemployment Rate We all know that Japan’s economy has been in trouble for decades as its central bank scrambles to prop up the economy. The Read More »

US Government All In On Consumer Growing Stronger


The U.S. government is pulling out all the stops on the idea that consumers are strengthening, and that GDP will surge higher in the second half of 2016. Below is the latest Real Personal Consumption Expenditures released on Monday. Personal income also continues to grow… Growing real personal consumption and income has led to an Read More »

Velocity of Money Declines To Lowest Level Ever Recorded


The velocity of money has declined to the lowest level ever recorded, and the decline seems to be accelerating. The quantity theory of money is based on the equation of exchange. This equation is: M x V = P x Q. M equals the money supply. V is the velocity of money, or, the amount Read More »

GDPNow Coverage Dropped: Just Another Fed Manipulation Tool


Last month I dropped coverage of GDPNow after the GDP forecast was dropped by a huge amount right before the actual GDP release. Immediately after the GDP release, they release a Q3 GDP estimate that was at 3.7% which supported the Fed’s yearly lie that the economy was set to strengthen Read More »

American Equity Investment Life Holding Company Buy Rating



Countries Dump U.S. Debt At Record Pace


In 2016, foreign countries have dumped a shocking $192 billion worth of U.S. Treasury bonds. This dumping of bonds is the biggest selloff of U.S. debt since 1978. China, Japan, France, Brazil and Colombia are the leading countries that are dumping U.S. debt. U.S. Treasury bonds are the safest investments in the world. Countries often Read More »

The AES Corporation Lands Big California Energy Contracts



Mainstream Media Hyping Gasoline Savings Again


I just can’t get behind the idea that consumers are saving so much money at the pump that it’s going to be a boom for consumer spending. Savings at the pump boosting consumer spending is the same claim that the mainstream financial media has made for the last two years. The Wall Street Journal writesopens Read More »

Civil Unrest In Milwaukee As Blacks Hunt Whites


I warned about the rising civil unrest and the dangerous racist group Black Lives Matter here. Any police-involved shooting of an African-American prompts a fast mobilization of communists and socialists to the area for the destruction of businesses and private property. Here is a video of the Black Lives Matter group Read More »

Real GDP Per Capita Shows Rocky and Unstable US Economy


The real GDP per capita shows just how rocky and unstable the U.S. economy continues to be since the Great Recession. Most stock traders know what real GDP per capita is, but let’s quickly review for anyone who doesn’t. GDP is the market value of all finished goods and services, produced within a country in Read More »