Month: February 2017

New Iris Technology Steps Up Smartphone Security


At the Mobile World Congress on February 28, 2017, private firm Eyelock said that iris scanners will become the norm in smartphone security within the next two years. Qualcomm and Eyelock have teamed up to bring this technology to market. “In the next two years, every smartphone in the world is going to have a Read More »

The New BMW 5 Series is a TOTAL TECH FEST!


Shmee gives us a tour of the new 7th generation BMW 5 Series, and specifically a 530d. This car has a crazy amount of awesome tech inside and so we’re starting to see the IoT revolution taking hold and specifically chip makers and sensor makers really supplying a lot of parts now to the automotive Read More »

Mind BLOWING! Top 10 New Tech Inventions 2017


Ten new inventions and gadgets for 2017. Awesome stuff folks. Mind BLOWING! Top 10 New Tech Inventions 2017 Inventions list: Moodo Hayo Rocketbook Everlast Bixi SELFLY Camera SMOVE NIFTYX Herbert ChargeWrite The Right Cup Sofi AI Market Sentiment GaugeMarket is fairly valued.

President Trump on the Increase in Optimism in Stock Market 2/18/17 Melbourne FL


A lot of market commentators and analysts spend hours trying to explain why the stock market keeps going up. President Trump explains it best in this video clip from his February 18, 2017, speech in Melbourne, Florida. President Trump on the increase in optimism apparent in US stock market & polls 2/18/17 Melbourne FL Sofi Read More »

Heavy Equipment Farm 2017 – Amazing Agriculture Machines Latest Technology Machines


Heavy Equipment Farm 2017 – Amazing agriculture machines latest technology machines Sofi AI Market Sentiment GaugeMarket is fairly valued.

5 AMAZING Tech Inventions Available Now


5 AMAZING Tech Inventions Available Now *** List of Tech Inventions *** 5 – Story 4 – 4 Wakē 3 – SELFLY 2 – Noria 1 – Jack Sofi AI Market Sentiment GaugeMarket is fairly valued.

Best of Bloomberg Technology For Week Ending February 24 2017


February 24, 2017: The best interviews and technology news highlights from the week are brought together in “Best of Bloomberg Technology,” a weekly long-form program, hosted by Bloomberg Technology’s Cory Johnson. The show talks about Snapchat. My opinion on the Snapchat IPO is that there is no way Snapchat should be valued at $20 billion. Read More »

CRISPR’s Brave New World


Just a handful of technologies deserve to be called “game changers”—and CRISPR-Cas9, the new gene-editing tool, is one of them. Discovered just three years ago, CRISPR is sweeping through labs around the world and researchers are already using it to experiment on diseases like cancer and AIDS, engineer new sources of clean energy, and create Read More »

National Cancer Institute Cures Leukemia With CAR T Cells


The CAR T cell 19 trial done by the National Cancer Institute yielded amazing results. Out of 46 patients with refractory relapse leukemia given a single dose of CDR 19 CAR T cells, 65% had a complete response rate. The NCI study even showed the eradication of leukemia that had gone to the spinal fluid Read More »

Medical Device Markets To Benefit From Big VA IoT Push


The Department of Veterans Affairs is on the cutting edge of IoT medical devices. This is great news for medical device stocks and more specifically telehealth companies like Koninklijke Philips (PHG), Teladoc (TDOC), Medtronic (MDT), and more. Below is Susan Perez with the Department of Veterans Affairs talking about how IoT and medical devices a Read More »