Kevin Duffy Profiting from this Impending Stock Market Decline

Kevin Duffy of Bearing Asset Management thinks we are facing another major bear market.

Kevin Duffy thinks that this 8 year bull market has been one of the most anemic recoveries since World War II. Also, valuations are very stretched. Duffy thinks we are in a stimulus bubble.

The Tech Bubble was very narrow. The Credit Bubble was a bit more broader as it was focused on housing. This Stimulus Bubble we are in now is a very broad based bubble.

There is a tremendous amount of leverage in the system with margin debt hitting all-time highs.

Kevin Duffy lays out a powerful case for why we need to be defensive and on the alert for a stock market crash.

Kevin Duffy Profiting from this Impending Stock Market Decline

Stock Market Rallies After Globalist Attempt To Crash It, Trump Fights On

God Bless Alex Jones. I appreciate Alex Jones defending President Trump but I think the globalists and corporate elites have the power to crash the stock market anytime they want.

I have to disagree with Alex Jones that the $3 trillion in value in the stock market since President Trump was elected is good. I believe it’s a bad thing as its price manipulation (not fundamentals) in order to suck in more amateur investors so that they can sell their stock to and get out. Remember, for a sale to occur at a specific price, someone has to be willing to buy. Institutions trade against amateur traders like you and me. Institutions buy first like they did in March of 2009, and they sell first like some are starting to do right now. Institutional buying cause ‘V’ bottoms. Institutional selling causes sideways volatile tops. The reason that institutional selling causes sideways market action at tops is that they hold too many shares and even by using dark pools, they still can’t dump their positions all at once. They slowly and secretly unwind their positions while sucking in more and more amateur traders with price manipulation. Once they are done unwinding their positions, they short the market and take billions of dollars from amateur traders and investors. Amateurs panic and sell and get out of the stock market which pushes up the profits for institutional traders. Once the market is down to a good valuation and deep discount as the mainstream media is running stories about how the sky is falling, institutional traders are the first to get back on the long side and the entire cycle repeats again.

This cycle means that institutional traders always win as they feed off of amateur traders because they have the buying power to move the entire market unlike amateur traders. Institutional traders collude with the Federal Reserve and rate hikes, to set the Bull/Bear cycle because of their immense buying power. This is why I have to disagree with Alex Jones about the stock market and how globalists are trying to crash it. They don’t have to “try”, they can and will crash it at anytime they desire. Nevertheless, I don’t have to agree with Alex Jones 100% of the time to love his show and ideas. Here is the Alex Jones show and you can decide for yourself if you agree with his assessment or not.

Stock Market Rallies After Globalist Attempt To Crash It ⁄ Trump Fights On

New Ground Defense Technology

Using existing technology defense contractors have available today, a wicked new ground defense technology could destroy an entire Tank Company in minutes. The publisher of the video below says that this technology is being worked on. I would like to know the US defense contractor that is working on this as I think it would be bigger than the Patriot Defense Missile System. I have little doubt that the Chinese would love to get their hands on this technology.

New Ground Defence by using modern technology

Market Alert! Brexit Coming as Trump Tax Cuts Delayed

This week’s show features commentary on the massive wave of retail stores closing, Brexit and Article 50 to be invoked on March 29, the chilling plunge in bank loan creation, President Trump’s flip on extending the debt ceiling, the fantasy Trump rally ending, the fake news Trump has ties with Russia and the Devin Nunes revelation, Judge Napolitano’s canceled show on Fox News channel, Saudi Arabia’s huge production cut, the surge in attacks against US Border Patrol agents by Mexico and Mexico’s attack on the California pension system courtesy of traitor Democrats like Lorena Fletcher and Bill 946, and more.

Saturday Night Show: Janet Yellen Rate Hike While Pension Plans Going Broke

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A weekly Saturday financial show that attempts to predict market direction for the week ahead by looking at a variety of fundamental and technical charts. This week’s show features commentary on Janet Yellen and the Federal Reserve’s strange timing of a rate hike, how Obama Administration diverted FNMA money and investors dividends into Affordable Care Act to keep it solvent, and the collapsing pension funds across America.

Information Wars: Saturday Night Live Textbook Case In Mind Control By Globalists

Saturday Night Live did a hit-piece against President Trump and Alex Jones last night. This is a textbook case in mainstream media mind control. You have to be aware of this as you get your news from globalist controlled media groups like CNBC and Fox Business. Like with the WSJ, you have to ask yourself why do they want me to think this way about the economy or a certain stock or sector. For example, I think that the OPEC oil production cut deal is about ready to fall apart because of certain stories last week in the news even though CNBC won’t have anyone on their network saying that right now. Just like CNBC refused to be critical of Saudi Arabia as they were targeting the shale oil industry in this country several years ago that resulted in Americans losing tens-of-thousands of good pay jobs.

Alex Jones does a brilliant job breaking down what the globalists are attempting to accomplish in this Saturday Night Live attack cleverly cloaked in humor.

This is nothing less than “lone wolf” activation in an attempt to take President Trump out when SNL reinforces the stereotype they created that President Trump is a racist out to get black people. Check out the textbook mind manipulation skit from SNL below.

Governments, Tech Firms Respond to Vault 7

Governments around the world are starting to respond to Vault 7.

Governments are using a classic strawman and showing outrage at who could have leaked this information instead of showing outrage at the fact that the CIA has created this incredible invasion of privacy by infecting consumer products with nasty viruses and malware. Nobody is even denying that the CIA has this technology or may have been using it to spy on political opponents with to blackmail and influence the outcomes of elections.

Germany’s top prosecutor has said they will examine the documents in Vault 7 and prosecute accordingly, if evidence of criminal acts is found. Meanwhile, Samsung has begun a probe into their products’ vulnerabilities and Apple has stated they will “continue work to rapidly address any identified vulnerabilities.” Other tech companies have also responded to the Vault 7 revelations. RT America’s Anya Parampil reports.

Governments, tech firms respond to Vault 7

Impractical Jokers – My Stock Market Advisor

Joe knows a thing or two when it comes to the shhhhtock market.

If laughter is contagious, these guys should be quarantined! Q, Sal, Joe and Murr have entertained each other for years with the most hilarious practical jokes they could imagine. Now these real-life best friends are challenging each other to the most outrageous dares and uproarious stunts ever to be caught on hidden camera.

Impractical Jokers – My Stock Market Advisor