Using Fake Polls, All Is Fair When It Comes to the UK EU Referendum

The globalists are trying to manipulation public perception in the UK through the use of fake polls. Globalists are willing to do whatever it takes to reverse the UK EU Referendum in which citizens voted to leave the EU.

In a Bloomberg article (link above) a cleverly named polling group called YouGov Plc showed Theresa May’s Conservative party will fall short of a majority. The YouGov poll shows that Theresa May will lose about 20 seats and be stripped of her majority in Parliment.

Calling for an Election So Soon After UK EU Referendum

Theresa May opened the door for globalists when she called for an election. That was a bad move by Theresa May IMO, especially after what they did in France to secure a Macron win.

Should I Use Bitcoin… What If It Helps Save the World

should i use bitcoinShould I use bitcoin is what everyone is asking. I’m not actually using bitcoin but instead am investing in it through OTCBB stock GBTC. I see the digital currency being rapidly adopted around the world and I want to invest in its growth.

Looking at search engine traffic, I see that the search phrase should I use bitcoin is surging higher over the last week. Personally I’m not interested in actually using digital currencies to buy and sell things. It’s too hard to convert U.S. dollars into the digital currency right now. However, if a bitcoin bank opened up near me that made the conversion easy, I would consider using it for transactions.

Should I Use Bitcoin… What If It Could Save the World

CNBC (link above) published an article today called Skyrocketing bitcoin is more than just an investment — it could help the world, says investor. A top money manager, Rainer Michael Preiss of Taurus Wealth Advisors thinks that in a world where governments have devalued their currencies so much and debt has exploded higher, bitcoin might be the answer countries have been searching for.

The New World Order Finally Gets the Message…

the new world order The New World Order seems to have finally gotten the message from Americans, thanks to President Trump. Be responsible and take care of your own needs.

The New World Order

In a Bloomberg report (link above), German Chancellor Angela Merkel told supporters at a campaign event in Munich on Sunday, “We Europeans must really take our destiny into our own hands.”

Praise the Lord! Germany finally “gets it”.

France’s newly hatched globalist Macron doesn’t get it. He’s too busy trying to one-up President Trump over a handshake.

Buy Bitcoin Instantly It’s Not In a Bubble

My favorite way to buy bitcoin instantly is in OTCBB ticker GBTC and I hold it in my personal trading account.

I’ve probably responded to at least a dozen questions recently on if I think bitcoin is in a bubble. My answer is no, bitcoin is not in a bubble.

Just today we have more news coming out that shows growing demand for the cryptocurrency.

BITPoint Japan Co. is planning to give hundreds of thousands of Japanese retail outlets the ability to accept the digital currency according to a report by Bloomberg. I have linked to the Bloomberg article above.

Think about what is happening with this digital currency. In just the last few months we have Japan being the first country to recognize bitcoin as legal tender. We now have a yen bitcoin carry trade where as the Japanese government prints and devalues the yen, Japanese citizens can buy bitcoin to preserve their wealth. We will have more and more retailers in Japan accepting the cryptocurrency. We will be seeing lots of new reports coming out of Japan about how bitcoin is taking an expanded role in the monetary system. I would not be surprised to see bitcoin banks opening up in Japan like the kind we have in Austria. Bitcoin can’t be in a bubble because the catalyst is massive growing demand for the digital currency.

The best way to buy bitcoin instantly is to use your online brokerage trading account and to buy OTCBB stock GBTC. You don’t need to deal with any risky currency exchange service with a third-party provider that has the right to shut down your account at any time and you don’t have to wait days for a bank transfer to show up in your account from so remote bank in Latvia or somewhere. You can buy bitcoin instantly in your own currency using Etrade or whatever online brokerage firm you use.

Buy Bitcoin Instantly with GBTC

Ivana Trump and Jared Kushner Russian Spies Says MSNBC

Ivana, Donald’s first wife, was born in Czechoslovakia so she must be a Russian spy. That’s about how crazy the globalist controlled corporate media is in the U.S. right now.

MSNBC is putting out fake news, along with CNN, that Jared Kushner is a Russian spy. No I’m not joking. Watch the shocking fake news report for yourself.

Ivana Trump and Russia

So what is Ivana’s connection to Russia in this fake news drama?

The conspiracy connection between Ivana and Russia (other than the fact she was born in Czechoslovakia) centers on the rumor that the President allegedly sent ex-wife Ivana Trump to negotiate blackmail videos with Russia. The rumor is that the President was secretly filmed by Russian spies being with various prostitutes in Russia back in his younger years. Source:

I think all of this evidence proves that the President has had business and personal relationships with Russia for many years but that doesn’t automatically mean that he’s guilty of doing anything wrong.

Remember, Hillary Clinton and Democrat’s hacked emails showed collusion at the highest levels of government between CNN employees releasing debate questions to Hillary Clinton before the debate, and even their work to put in a left-leaning Pope who then came to the US and campaigned for Hillary Clinton. We even learned that Hillary Clinton’s emails that she illegally stored on her own private server were indeed hacked by foreign entities.

Truth be told, most Americans are grateful to Russia if they did in fact help Trump win the presidential election over Hillary Clinton.

The only way the stock market takes a negative hit next week from this fake Russia drama IMO is if Jared Kushner really does turn out to be a Russian spy as in tried in court, found guilty, and goes to jail.

S&P 500 Index Does Breakout, 2500 Next

The S&P 500 index has broken resistance at 2400 which signs a possible bullish advance to the next resistance level at 2500. The Twiggs Money Flow has done a breakout of its decline over the last two months, signaling medium-term buying pressure.

S&P 500 Index

If the S&P 500 index pulls back next week, see if 2400 becomes the new support level. If it does, that would strengthen the bullish signal.

S&P 500 Index Does Breakout

The problem with the S&P is the weak Russell 2000 which is not leading the major indices higher.

Sofi AI Market Sentiment Gauge

Sofi AI Market Sentiment Gauge

Market is overbought.