Month: September 2017

Saturday Show For Week of October 2 2017


A weekly Saturday night financial show that attempts to predict market direction for the week ahead by looking at a variety of charts and technical indicators. The big takeaway from last week’s trading is just how powerful the underlying bullish sentiment on Wall Street really is. Sofi AI Market Sentiment GaugeMarket is fairly valued.

Biotechnology ETF

Market Prediction For Biotechnology Is Spot On


The market prediction for the biotechnology ETF IBB was spot on this week. For all four trading days this week, the IBB actually touched the predicted path. Market Prediction Chart for Biotechnology ETF IBB The PPO looks bearish with the histogram bars not yet rising. The CMF continues to fall which suggests continued weakness but Read More »

IWM market prediction chart update for 9-28-2017.

Russell 2000 Market Prediction Update For 9-28-2017


The Russell 2000 crushed the market prediction path and exploded higher this week on Republican’s tax plan. The idea is that small cap stocks are mostly domestic companies that are less able to take advantage of tax loop-holes and so they are the companies that will benefit the most from tax cuts. Russell 2000 Market Read More »

Equity Put Call Ratio chart shows rising put buying relative to call buying.

Markets Outperform All Predictions This Week But Elevated Put Buying


Markets outperformed all of the predicted paths this week which really testifies to the bullish sentiment still prevalent in markets since Trump’s Presidential victory in November of 2016. The Parabolic SAR on the S&P 500 has even given a buy signal. One problem with the upward move is that the level of put buying is Read More »

TICK institutional indicator shows rare box-top formation.

Rare Box-top Forms On TICK Chart


A rare box-top has formed on the TICK chart on September 28, 2017. TICK Chart Institutional traders may be making their usual sneaky moves this week. Quarterly expiration of options takes place on September 29, 2017 and then we also have window dressing going on. Sofi AI Market Sentiment GaugeMarket is fairly valued.

Amazon stock chart

I’m Hopelessly Addicted to Amazon Stock



How SOXX Stock Can Get You Into Trouble Fast


SOXX stock scares me right now folks. Yes it had a big up day but one day does not a market make. I put the prediction odds at about 50% if SOXX goes higher or lower from here. I’m not convinced SOXX has bottomed for the weakest 6 months of the year and I’ll explain Read More »

Vipshop Holdings Rising Large Players Volume



Semiconductor ETF predicted to continue drop.

Semiconductor ETF SOXX at Critial Support Level Test


The semiconductor ETF SOXX is following the predicted downward move closely. SOXX is now at a critical support level at $151.50. I think it will likely break below the $151.50 support level. Semiconductor ETF I have revised the predicted path to now be below the $151.50 support level to chop out and go sideways at Read More »

Equity Put Call Ratio chart shows level of put buying is rising.

Warning, Equity Put Call Ratio On the Rise


The Equity Put Call Ratio is rising which means put buying is outpacing call buying. Put hedging often happens before a market pullback on the S&P 100. Equity Put Call Ratio The put call ratio has risen to its highest level since late August. The rising put level relative to calls means that investors are Read More »