A Growth Stock That’s Like Buying Amazon In the 1990s

This company is a fraction of the size of Amazon and yet it is exhibiting the same kind of eye-popping growth numbers that has turned Amazon into the greatest growth story in decades.

Like Amazon, this company was started by a brilliant entrepreneur who set out to sell just a single category of goods online and was so successful at it, that he expanded the business into much, much more.

This company has grown revenue from just $23.7 million in 2012 to over $673 million in 2017! That’s an incredible 2,700%!
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If You Don’t Take a Position in this Marijuana Stock, You May Regret It

Here's a marijuana stock with rising large players volume that you may regret not taking a long position in. Then again, maybe not.

This company has developed the world's first prescription marijuana medicine that's now approved in many countries outside the United States.

This company's cannabis-formulated drug could generate peak annual sales of around $3 billion. At that rate, the stock could see its earnings jump a whopping 2,900% in the first year alone.

Trade Desk Short Squeeze Gambit on February 22 2018

Trade Desk is pretty much unloved by most large players. In fact, the technical charts really don't look that good. Trade Desk stock plunged after the last earnings report too. You're probably thinking this stock is a horrible buy but I'm thinking Wall Street got this stock wrong.

Saturday Show For Week of February 20 2018

A weekly Saturday night financial show that attempts to predict market direction for the week ahead by looking at a variety of technical and fundamental indicators. Included are the top performing stocks from GuerillaStockTrading that could trend higher over the coming days and weeks driven by strong catalysts or strong fundamentals.
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