Day: November 21, 2018

SPX 1 hour chart

Is It Time To Go Long Stocks? No Way


One of my favorite charts for timing weekly market direction and swing trades is the 1-hour chart of SPX with 13-hour and 30-hour moving averages. The 1-hour chart of SPX is clearly still trading under a sell signal. On Tuesday, November 20, 2018, the 13-hour MA broke back below the 30-hour MA giving us a […]

Rumors Circulating Fed May Pause Rate Hikes In Spring 2019


I’m hearing rumors that the Federal Reserve may announce as pause of rate hikes in spring of 2019. Word is the rumors are coming from The MNI story is being circulated by forex websites like this one. Reuters also picked up the story from MNI giving a little more credibility to it. My best […]

Hedge fund blows up Blew Up His Fund and Apologizes


The emotional apology video from the founder of below is going viral. James Cordier of apologizes to his clients, who were totally wiped out in the process. It appears he lost big with short calls against oil, and saw an opportunity in natural gas. Things got much worse as natural gas rallied beyond […]