Jason Bond Picks – Scam or Not?
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Jason Bond Picks – Scam or Not?

Jason Bond Picks is not a scam anymore than Timothy Sykes is a scam in my opinion. They are traders. As such, they both have winning and losing trades. Winning and losing trades are part of stock trading. If your expectation is anything more than a 70% win, 30% loss ratio, then you don’t understand the “gambling” nature of stock trading and shouldn’t join any service until you do.

Jason Bond eating at McDonalds.

Jason Bond eating at McDonalds.

As one of the largest affiliates of Jason Bond Picks, winning his #1 affiliate sales award in 2012, I can reveal to you some inside information you will not find anywhere else. I have been a Clickbank affiliate for many years and I’ve never seen anything like Jason Bond Picks before. Usually with Clickbank products, something is popular for a short period of time until it’s not. With Jason Bond Picks I noticed that very few people quit his service after signing up through me. The retention rate is incredible and there’s only one reason for that: Jason Bond Picks is not a scam. He delivers what he promises in an honest, transparent way, providing his clients with real monetary value. As a result, most people stay Jason Bond Picks members for years. Now I can’t speak for other affiliates of Jason Bond Picks. I can only speak for my own sales statistics.

I love helping people become better traders and I love teaching. I graduated with a 3.95 GPA and a Bachelor’s in Interdisciplinary Studies with an emphasis on Education. I was trained to teach Elementary children in California’s Public School system. I decided during my 40 hours of student teaching in the classroom that I preferred the more exciting private sector to the public school system. Folks, to be frank with you, if I thought Jason Bond Picks was a scam, I would not be recommending it to my fans, friends, family members, and followers. I have spent years building a good reputation for honesty via my blog Guerilla Stock Trading as well as my YouTube channel Stock Trading Master.

Jason Bond Picks is not just another subscription based alert service. In addition to stock alerts, he also offers one of the largest live day trading chat rooms (450+ traders in the live chat room and growing) on the Internet. The head day trader “Jedi” Luke runs the day trading chat with maybe 20 to 30 day trades every day. He has an awesome track record. You also get personal one on one coaching from Jason Bond.

Check out this video of what Jason’s awesome Live Day Trading Chat/Webinar/Focus Groups room is like!


Another reason Jason Bond Picks is different from an ordinary subscription based alert service is that he provides a huge library of educational videos and webinars. In fact, calling Jason Bond Picks a subscription based alert service is wrong. His service is more of a stock trading education service with over 20 hours worth of video lessons and growing.

Jason Bond’s service, to be more accurate, is: a stock trading education site, a live day trading chat room site, and a subscription based stock alert service site. It really does break the mold of traditional websites that usually fit into one category only. Anytime you hear or read someone’s review of Jason Bond Picks and they call his service a “subscription based alert service”, it’s probably coming from someone who has never been a member of Jason Bond Picks and as a result, does not even know what his service really is. Go here to see what Jason Bond Picks has to offer.

Q&A On If Jason Bond Picks Is a Scam or Not

Is it true that Bluewave Advisors LLC, a well known stock promoter, is behind Jason Bond Picks?

Bluewave Advisors is not liked by some people because they are involved in penny stock promotion. There’s winners and losers in penny stock trading. The winners like Bluewave Advisors, the losers hate Bluewave Advisors. So is the nature of gambling in penny stocks. In reality though, I don’t feel sorry for anyone who gambles in penny stocks. They knew the risks going in. The SEC has put out dozens of warnings over the years warning people about the dangers of investing in pink sheet and OTCBB stocks. But some people are driven by blind greed and ignore all the warnings. I know, I was like that in my younger days. I lost everything ($10,000) in a penny stock scam called Plasticon. It was horrible. My stomach hurts to this day thinking about it. Plasticon released false and

Jason Bond enjoying a night out with friends in Atlantic City.

Jason Bond enjoying a night out with friends in Atlantic City.

misleading press releases. The SEC moved in and halted trading in the stock. I blame Plasticon for lying and myself for being so gullible to believe their lies. I don’t blame the advertisers and marketing firms Plasticon hired to promote their stock. That’s silly. When Ford or Toyota has a vehicle recall, do you blame ABC, CBS, or NBC for running ads about what a great vehicle it was? Of course not. But when people are mad over losing money in a penny stock, they are going to blame the company, all the advertisers, the SEC, and anyone else they can think of. That’s just part of the penny stock world and why some people hate Bluewave Advisors.

To Bluewave Advisors credit, they don’t change their name every few years like a lot of other penny stock advertising firms do.

Bluewave Advisors is huge in terms of Internet properties it has ownership over. They have their hands in a lot of different money making ventures across the Internet. For example, on June 30, 2011, BlueWave Advisors LLC, purchased Quote.com (Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quote.com) Is Quote.com a scam because Bluewave Advisors owns it? No, that’s silly. Bluewave Advisors also owns Tech24.org. Is it a scam? No. Bluewave Advisors also owns TheStockMarketWatch.com. Is this a scam website because they own it? Absolutely not. Some people love these web properties and go back to them regularly for their news and research. I could go on and on with web properties that are owned by Bluewave Advisors LLC.

Good for Bluewave Advisors for owning Jason Bond Picks. I wish I had the money to own Jason Bond Picks because Jason is an awesome trader and teacher and his business is growing as a result. If Bluewave Advisors did a public stock offering, I would buy their stock for sure because I like their growth and acquisitions strategy.

Does Bluewave Advisors tell Jason Bond what stock picks to recommend to his clients?

No. Jason Bond’s trades are one hundred percent unbiased and JasonBondPicks.com is never compensated for them. You can read Jason’s entire disclaimer page here: Go here then scroll all the way down to the bottom and click Disclaimer

In the stock picking guru newsletter world, the term “double dipping” is used to refer to stock picking newsletters that sell a monthly subscription to their customers, and then are also paid by a company to promote a certain stock to their customers. Thus they are paid by customers and by a company to promote a stock: i.e. double dipping. Stock picking newsletters that do this are of low quality and as such don’t stay in business for very long. Jason Bond Picks does not engage in double dipping. Jason Bond is completely focused on making money for his clients and does not receive compensation to market or promote a stock.

I do not engage in stock promotion on GuerillaStockTrading.com of any kind. I have been offered money to talk about a stock and I have always said no. I forbid, block, and delete comments on my blog or my videos that may be part of a stock promotion campaign. I have never been compensated to talk about any stock. I also will report unsolicited stock promotions to the SpamCop blacklist as well as to the SEC if I feel it’s necessary. Stock promotion is not tolerated on my website, YouTube channel, Twitter, Facebook, or Google+ web properties beyond my Penny Stock Newsletter Watch page.

What about the losing trade Jason had in TVIX where he lost over 50%? Is it true that Jason Bond doesn’t have a clue about risk management?

What if someone went back years and took the one or two stupid trades you made and then used those trades against you for the rest of your life? That’s a low blow in the stock trading world. Losses are part of trading. Jason Bond does not hide his losses. Not only does Jason Bond post his entire trade history for his clients, including his losing trades, but he’ll even send you an email of his trade history. I’m not sure what more he can do to earn your trust. If it’s no losing trades and perfection that you are looking for, you need to stop looking for that because it doesn’t exist. Lots of self proclaimed “stock gurus” will exploit your desire for no losing trades and perfection so I’m serious, stop looking for that because you are setting yourself up to be scammed.

Jason Bond having fun.

Jason Bond having fun.

Trading is like coaching sports. When your team is winning, everybody loves the coach. When your team is losing, everybody hates the coach.

The TVIX trade over 2 years ago was a bad trade that Jason doubled down on and got killed. I’m sure he lost a few clients over that trade. Jason does not try and hide this trade from anyone. Jason still talks about the painful lessons he learned from that trade today. As traders, we have all been there.

In terms of risk management, I find it funny that a stock trading website that criticizes Jason Bond’s lack of proper risk management then shows their own stock winnners from Profitly as being almost all penny stocks! LOL. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!


Jason Bond is not a licensed financial advisor and neither am I. If you want to learn about proper risk management then you need to consult a licensed financial advisor. Jason refers people that have questions about their finances and managing money to a licensed financial advisor as do I.

I hope this page answers your question regarding if Jason Bond Picks is a scam.