Advanced Micro Devices $AMD Stock Turnaround Play On Passing of Chips Act 2022

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On July 28, 2022, $AMD stock rose to test its downtrend channel resistance wall. A break above this level could signal a significant 20% to 40% move ahead for the beaten-down stock.

Amd Stock

CHIPS Act 2022

The House passed bipartisan legislation to boost U.S. competitiveness with China by allocating billions of dollars toward domestic semiconductor manufacturing and scientific research.

The bill passed 243-187, with no Democrats voting against the bill.

AMD Excellent Sales Growth

Amd Sales Growth

AMD has excellent sales growth.

AMD has a Profit Margin of 17.98%. This is better than the industry average of 11.71%. The low PEG Ratio of 1.22, which compensates the Price/Earnings for growth, indicates a relatively cheap valuation of the company.

AMD shows strong revenue growth. The revenue has been growing by 30.92% yearly, over the last five years. The Earnings Per Share has been growing by 104.53% on average over the past five years. This is very strong growth.

Bullish Option Flow Detected In AMD Stock on July 28 2022

Bullish option flow was detected in AMD stock.

Amd Option Flow

Make sure to review this lesson on option flow so that you understand the image above.

In particular, was the $92 August 5, 2022, call where volume exploded higher on July 28, 2022. It was an Above the Ask sweep valued at $185,000. A whale trader wanted to get these calls quickly and didn’t mind paying more than the asking price. That’s bullish, folks!

Amd Aug Call

Democrat Nancy Pelosi bought $5,000,000 worth of Nvidia stock on June 17, 2022, and sold it on July 26, 2022, after House colleagues said they wouldn’t vote for the bill if Nancy Pelosi didn’t sell her stock before the vote. Pelosi reported a $300K+ loss in the trade.

📺 Critics question timing of Paul Pelosi’s stock purchase ahead of key House vote

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