If CNBC’s Jon Fortt reporting sounds a bit fake and scripted, that’s because it probably is.

CNBC is owned by Comcast and notice how the monopoly power that Comcast has is never reported on.

Democrats are controlled by big tech. Check out how much Google gives to Democrats versus Republicans:

Or Amazon’s campaign donations in the 2020 Presidential race:

Or Facebook which hasn’t even given to a single Republican candidate:

Or Microsoft:

Even Comcast which owns CNBC that is reporting this story clearly favors Democrats:

Twitter also didn’t give to a single Republican:

So what is going on with CNBC “reporting” that Democrats are pointing out monopoly violations of big tech companies? Why are Democrats “acting” like their getting tough on big tech?

It’s simple, big tech corporations want to control what regulation comes out of Washington and to do that, they are attempting to control the dialog through the Democrat party. The Democrats brought ridiculous charges against big tech that will be easily defeated in court. That’s why the tone of John Fortt is that Democrats are ridiculous to claim these weak charges. It’s all scripted and controlled by big tech corporations how anti-monopoly legislation moves forward. Ask yourself this question. Why wasn’t any of the following charges brought up against big tech by Democrats, like violating American’s free speech rights through the actions of: “silencing”, “shadow-banning”, “de-platforming”, “pushing down in search”, and “de-monetizing”? 

Big tech employees are actually working for the Joe Biden campaign, just like they did on the Hillary Clinton campaign.

Looking at the 2020 Presidential campaign donations to Democrat candidates over Republican candidates above, and the fact that every big tech company not only gives more than 90% of their money to Democrats but every major tech company has a representative working with the Biden 2020 campaign, who in their right mind would believe that big tech treats Democrats and Republicans equally on their platforms? Why didn’t Democrats bring up any of these more serious monopolistic actions of big tech against free speech?

This entire action by Democrats in finding 4 monopolistic behaviors of big tech is nothing more than a ruse by big tech controlled politicians in the Democrat party to control whatever legislation that comes out of Washington on behalf of their corporate masters.

You can take it to the bank that not a single Democrat wants or can be trusted to regulate big tech. Democrats are on the payrolls of big tech corporations as seen from the 2020 campaign donations data above.

House Democrats this week released an antitrust report, after presumably clearing it with their big tech donors, supposedly calling out Big Tech giants Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google as monopolists and calling for new laws to restrict how they do business. This is fake corporate propaganda news.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XKCyvNpYvtQ

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