APT stock has formed a candle over candle reversal on February 6, 2020, amid a global supply shortage of N95 or higher rated masks.

Here in the United States, I’m encouraging everyone to get N95 masks, goggles, professional/hospital strength soap, antivirus wipes, and gloves while they still can. The idea is to prepare for the worst, but pray and hope for the best.

Some supplies I was able to buy this week on Amazon but still on back order for my N95 masks that I’ve waited over a week to get!

I was even able to get some DoD Pandemic Flu preparedness kits that someone was selling on Amazon. These kits were only passed out to DoD families and someone had a bunch of extras that they put up for sale on Amazon. I still haven’t gotten my box of masks though because most N95 masks are sold out as China has pretty much consumed the global supply.

This could be a bad situation with N95 masks and sanitizers out of stock globally and if the coronavirus starts ripping through the U.S., it will be too late to order any supplies. If the U.S. government and CDC fails to quarantine the coronavirus and it turns into an outbreak here in the U.S., we will be screwed even more than the Chinese because supplies of N95 masks, googles, gloves, and sanitizers will be out of stock as China and the rest of the world has used most already! We even had Comcast’s NBC running stories that people in the U.S. shouldn’t buy supplies because the Chinese need them! When you see the globalist mainstream media running stories like that, you know you need to purchase supplies NOW while you still can! Again, if an outbreak starts here in the U.S., it will be too late to decide you want to purchase supplies. In fact, if you get on Amazon, you’ll see that many supplies are already out-of-stock!

Alpha Pro Tech (APT) to the rescue!

Alpha Pro Tech (APT) has commenced additional N-95 Particulate Respirator face mask manufacturing at its Salt Lake City, Utah facility, and anticipates further production line raises in early February. Management is dedicated to helping communities around the world as they tackle this outbreak and increasing efforts to meet this unprecedented demand for N-95 face masks.

In addition to N-95 face masks, demand for face shields and other protective equipment (PPE) products is increasing. The company will take appropriate measures to increase production to respond to customer demand and is tracking inventory levels across their line of PPE products.

The Alpha Pro Tech N-95 Particulate Respirator face mask’s unique flat-fold layout features a Positive Facial Lock® (PFL®) and meets the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) and National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health’s (NIOSH) recommended protection levels for many airborne contaminants. The N-95 face mask filters at least 95% of airborne particles. The Magic Arch® technology creates a breathing chamber by holding it.

As of Friday morning, the number of coronavirus confirmed cases internationally stood at 31,420, with more than 31,000 of those in mainland China. The actual number is much, much higher. Last week I predicted 100,000 by this weekend and I believe we’re about there now. China has stopped counting those infected and is turning away people at hospitals because they’ve run out of diagnostic tests. People are being sent home without being seen and diagnosed since hospitals are overwhelmed with patients that are sick. This weekend we will likely cross above 100,000 for the number of people with coronavirus in China. We could be at over 1,000,000 by next weekend at the current rate of outbreak.

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