Autoliv $ALV Stock Uptrend Channel After $9M Dark Pool Buy Order

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Autoliv $ALV stock continues in an intermediate-term uptrend channel which shows incredible relative strength to broader markets. The stock began trading in an uptrend channel after a $9 million dark pool trade.

Dark Pool Trade In Autoliv $ALV Stock

A dark pool trade occurred in Autoliv $ALV stock on October 6, 2022. The $9 million dark pool trade looks like a buy order because of how $ALV stock rose following the print hitting the tape. There was also an $8 million dark pool trade on October 5, 2022, that also looks like a buy order.

Autolive stock chart on November 6, 2022, with dark pool trades shown in orange bars with a table to the right with the text TIME SYMBOL MESSAGE PRICE 10/06/22 ALV 123,577 DARK BLOCK $9.1 M 17.97%AvgVol $74.18 10/05/22 ALV 108,539 DARK AVGPRC $7.9M 16.09%AvgVol $73.61

After these two dark pool trades in early October 2022, the stock began uptrending and hasn’t looked back.

Autoliv price target raised at Deutsche Bank

On October 24, 2022, Deutsche Bank analyst Emmanuel Rosner raised the company’s price target on Autoliv to $94 from $93, leaving the stock with a Buy rating. Rosner said that most current reports on Autoliv’s Q3 and fiscal year margins indicated that the upper end of the previous range showed an improving manufacturing environment.

Autoliv price target raised at Wells Fargo

On October 24, 2022, Wells Fargo analyst Colin Langan raised the company’s price target on Autoliv to $83 from $76, leaving the stock with an Equal Weight rating. The analyst said Autoliv’s 3Q EPS of $1.23 missed consensus of $1.25, driven by tax and other income, although operating margins were beat. They increased the operating margin to the upper end of the previous range. Langan argued that the positive fourth-quarter production outlook and significant cost improvements bode well for other suppliers.

Autoliv and Geely to develop advanced safety technology for future vehicles

On October 24, 2022, Autoliv China and Geely Auto Group signed a cooperation agreement to develop advanced safety technology for future cars. The collaboration includes a holistic approach to automotive safety and will cover 16 technologies. The goal is to develop products that will save lives and meet future demand.

The automotive industry is changing a lot. The future transport system is being shaped by global mega-trends like sustainability, automation, electrification, and micromobility. Agility, innovation, and disruptive strategies are required as these trends and new technologies change the mobility landscape.

We expect the launch of new advanced safety technologies to be sped up by the new cooperation between Autoliv and Geely. The cooperation covers safety for high-level autonomous driving, intelligent steering wheel technology, a 360° occupant safety system, and the development of a sustainable leather replacement.

“The new cooperation between Autoliv and Geely shows our common intention to speed up the process of going to market with new safety technology that will save more lives. Geely is a strong player in a very dynamic and transformative industry, and I am pleased that we have established this cooperation in China. Our shared commitment to sustainability underpins and supports our collaboration”, said Sng Yih, President, Autoliv China.

“This strategic collaboration marks another milestone for Geely and Autoliv and gives us the opportunity to create cars with a new level of safety technology. Through our close cooperation, both Geely and Autoliv can increase our respective innovation capacity and technical competitiveness in the automotive market,” said Guowang Kang, Vice President, Geely Auto.

Autoliv Autonomous Safety

Autoliv performs first crash test of an e-scooter airbag

Autoliv $ALV Stock Technical Analysis

Autolive $ALV stock is in a technical uptrend. The stock will test critical resistance next week at $86.52. The stock is trading within an intermediate-term uptrend channel. Money flow and the MACD looks very bullish.

Autoliv stock chart on November 6, 2022, in uptrend channel pattern with a positive MACD and positive money flow.
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