Biotech stocks have been hammered over since the beginning of October 2018. In this risk-off market, biotech stocks are very hard to trade and so I personally will not be trading them; however, we have a hot penny stocks alert on OncoSec Medical. Again, I want to make sure you understand how risky a penny stock like ONCS is in this current risk-off market. Not only are biotech stocks getting hammered, but hot penny stocks have been ice-cold in this risk-off market too. With that big warning out of the way, there could be some insane profits ahead for OncoSec Medical investors which makes it the best biotech stocks to buy pick for the week of November 26, 2018.

OncoSec (ONCS) is a clinical-stage biotechnology company focused on developing cytokine-based intratumoral immunotherapies to stimulate the body’s immune system to target and attack cancer. OncoSec’s lead immunotherapy platform – TAVO (tavokinogene telseplasmid) – enables the intratumoral delivery of DNA-based interleukin-12 (IL-12), a naturally occurring protein with immune-stimulating functions. The technology, which employs electroporation, is designed to produce a controlled, localized expression of IL-12 in the tumor microenvironment, enabling the immune system to target and attack tumors throughout the body. OncoSec has built a deep and diverse clinical pipeline utilizing TAVO as a potential treatment for multiple cancer indications either as a monotherapy or in combination with leading checkpoint inhibitors; with the latter potentially enabling OncoSec to address a great unmet medical need in oncology: anti-PD-1 non-responders.

OncoSec Medical (ONCS) has a phase 2 data release coming for their OMS 100 to treat Melanoma. Phase 2 data will be presented on November 30, 2018 at 4:50 PM CEST at the 2018 Melanoma Bridge Conference, after market close.

Dr. Algazi’s recently accepted presentation, entitled Intratumoral tavokinogene telseplasmid induces abscopal clinical responses in metastatic melanoma patients, will describe the OMS-100 Phase 2 multicenter, single-group study which evaluated the efficacy and safety observed after repeat dosing and different intervals between TAVO cycles. The primary endpoint was overall response rate (ORR) by modified “skin” Response Evaluation Criteria In Solid Tumors (mRECIST). Dr. Algazi, the primary investigator, is a leading expert in oncology research as well as a Clinical Strategic Advisor and a Clinical Advisory Board member for OncoSec.

The new data will demonstrate that local treatment with TAVO alone led to whole-body immune responses associated with regression of untreated lesions in half of the 50 patients treated on the study.

“We were grateful to Dr. Algazi and the Melanoma Bridge Conference for the opportunity to share this important TAVO monotherapy data demonstrating abscopal clinical responses with the clinicians, biotechnology executives, and industry opinion leaders in attendance,” said Daniel J. O’Connor, OncoSec President and Chief Executive Officer. “Having Dr. Algazi present data from our OMS-100 study at the Melanoma Bridge Conference is an exciting opportunity for OncoSec as it serves to highlight our clinical work investigating TAVO as a monotherapy in the treatment of metastatic melanoma, as well as bring added visibility to our Phase 2b PISCES/KEYNOTE-695 clinical trial combining TAVO with pembrolizumab in metastatic melanoma for patients that have failed all available treatment options, including anti-PD-1 immunotherapy.”

OncoSec Medical (ONCS) also has a phase 1 data release coming for their TAVO to treat Triple Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC). The phase 1 data will be presented on December 6, 2018 at 7:00PM after market close.

TAVO™ will be featured in two poster sessions during the 2018 San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium (SABCS) taking place December 4-8 in San Antonio, Texas. Posters include data on TAVO™ as a monotherapy and an initial project overview for KEYNOTE-890, a Phase 2 clinical trial in combination with Merck’s KEYTRUDA® (pembrolizumab) for the treatment of late stage triple negative breast cancer (TNBC).

“We are encouraged with the preliminary clinical observations we are seeing thus far, both in a monotherapy setting and in combination with checkpoint inhibitors,” said Daniel J. O’Connor, President and Chief Executive Officer of OncoSec. “Based on this, we are excited to continue on the path toward developing novel treatment options for this large unmet medical need.”

OncoSec Medical Stock Chart

ONCS stock chart

Buy-side volume has been picking up over the last two trading days. The ONCS stock took a big hit back in early November because investors weren’t thrilled by preliminary data from KEYNOTE-695 Phase 2b. The preliminary data wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t eye-popping and in this risk-off market, that’s all it takes for a sell-off to occur. But notice the bullish CMF which suggests traders are accumulating the stock even as it pulled back.

Disclosure: I do not hold any position in ONCS stock.

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