What are the best stock screeners on the internet? I like Chartmill and Finviz. Click here to go to Finviz and create yourself a free account. Click here to go to Chartmill to create yourself a free account.

I had to update my stock screener settings in Finviz because of CECO. CECO is a sweet looking chart with a classic, text book curl on the chart. If it’s not showing up on your stock screen then you are doing something wrong. What happened to me is that it showed up on my stock screener several days ago, but then mysteriously vanished and I forget to keep track of it. As a result, I missed a sweet entry level. I bought the stock anyway but I could have gotten a much better entry.

It took me hours of deep thought and testing to finally figure out what happened and why it mysteriously dropped off my stock screen. When a stock curls or reverses, the momentum often slows down as the stock turns the corner. This shows up on your stock screener as a massive drop in beta and volume. The beta can drop from 1.5 or higher, to 0.7 in 1 day. The volume can go from an average of 1.5 million to 730,000 in 1 day. Even the market cap can drop $100 million in a day or two.

You must set the parameters on your stock screener wide enough so that if a stock drops, slows down, and turns the corner or chops out sideways, it doesn’t just vanish from your stock screen.