Big tech companies like Twitter, Facebook, and Google tell the public that they don’t censor political speech in alignment with their own political donations.

We know this isn’t true because of their actions to censor, block, or limit the sharing of information that is damning to the Democrat candidate they support. For example, here are the 2020 campaign donations to Democrats by Facebook:

Here is Facebook censoring the Joe Biden corruption scandal story:

The same is true of Twitter and especially Alphabet, where their censorship activities align with their campaign donations, as seen on

Senator Mike Lee said, “Big Tech suppresses pro-life groups all the time but can’t name one time they suppressed Planned Parenthood, NARAL, or Emily’s List.”

The response from the big tech companies to Mike Lee’s question was feeble and IMO dishonest. Mike Lee hit on the entire power center of these big tech companies: the appearance they are neutral and censoring has nothing to do with their campaign donations to a particular candidate. The problem is, insider employees have come forward to expose this fake argument.

For example, here are Alphabet/Google’s campaign donations for the 2020 cycle:

This sort of one-sided campaign donations by big tech to Democrats is not unique to Google. Wired recently reported, “WIRED found that employees at Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, and Oracle have contributed nearly 20 times as much money to Biden as to Trump since the beginning of 2019. According to data released by the Federal Election Commission, which requires individuals who contribute $200 or more to a presidential campaign to report their employer, employees at these six companies have contributed $4,787,752 to Biden and just $239,527 to Trump.” Source:

The New York Times recently reported, “One of Mr. Biden’s closest aides joined the campaign from Apple, while others held senior roles at firms that consulted for major tech companies. And a nearly 700-person volunteer group advising the campaign, the Innovation Policy Committee, includes at least eight people who work for Facebook, Amazon, Google and Apple, according to documents reviewed by The New York Times. Other committee members have close ties to the companies, including economists and lawyers who have advised them, and officials at think tanks funded by them.” Source:

We also have a Google Ad Executive talking about how Democrat candidates advertising over Google are given free “advertising credits,” while Republican candidates are forced to pay top dollar:

In the Google Ad Executive video above, Adriano Amaduzzi explained that Google even has the power to secretly control the reach/penetration of an ad or even a news story! Who is watching what Google and its employees are doing? No one.

Facebook has even formed a “Fact Check” group that’s fake because the group itself is comprised of Democrat supporting media groups who, yes, gave overwhelmingly to Democrats in the 2020 Presidential election race. Here is the fake “Fact Check” system of Facebook’s being called into question:

The three executives from big tech couldn’t provide one high profile case of censoring Democrats or Democrat organizations.

The damning evidence against big tech continues to pile up as these corporate CEOs continue to hide their political actions behind the guise of neutrality. Inside employees at corporations like Google and Facebook continue to leak out information about what’s really going on in Silicon Valley.


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