I rented Disney’s Black Panther last night. What a waste of money. There was actually racist slurs against “white people” in the movie.

I stopped the movie when a guy was taken into a hospital, and the doctor said, “Another broken white boy to fix”.

Why does he have to be Black Panther? Why can't he just be Human Panther or just Panther? All panthers matter. Or If it was called White Panther people would say that is racist.
Shame on Disney and the makers of this movie for propagating racial discrimination based on a person’s skin color. Martin Luther King Junior must be rolling over in his grave.

Can you imaging if a movie came out that showed a “black guy” taken into a hospital, and a doctor said, “Another broken black guy to fix”? There would be outrage. There would be a boycott of the movie. Disney would be called to testify before Congress. Organized protests would take place across the country at movie theaters that were showing the movie. The movie would be barred from advertising on ABC, CBS, NBC, and other mainstream media outlets.

Even without the racist comments against “white people”, the movie was terrible. It was a generic superhero plot line that had big problems with its story-line, the obvious being that the superhero was openly proud of his black skin color. There is no “white” superhero equivalent because white pride would be viewed as racist.

The entire story was really shallow for example, the fight between T’Challa and Killmonger. Why did they even fight and why didn’t they talk about things and try a compromise before fighting? All we know is that they fought because Killmonger was angry.

Another example is how the movie started off with a tribe and a spear fight to choose their next king. But wait, this was supposedly some super advanced society with incredibly advanced technology like the world has never seen. This super enlightened and intellectual people, supposedly with higher IQs than all of us common folk, this super advanced African society picks its next leader through the mechanism of a spear fight?

All through out the movie, this super advanced society, more advanced by thousands of years than the rest of us, this enlightened society used spears to fight? It was so dumb to watch the warrior woman call the bad guys “savages”, while she through a spear at them.

It was such a dumb movie from an intellectual point of view that I just couldn’t get into it.

I’m a science fiction fan. My favorite show on TV right now is The Expanse. The brainy science behind what is driving the plot line is an absolute must for me in order to suspend disbelief at what I’m seeing. The Matrix was awesome until Neo had superpowers outside the matrix when he was “awake” in human form but whatever, it was still a good series. Black Panther is like stupid when it comes to science. There really is no science behind it. From Black Panther’s suit that can absorb endless amounts of kinetic energy and then release that kinetic energy into bad guys, to the vibranium that can power everything, but can also be consumed in the form of drink to have ancestral visions of dead people, it completely ignores science and reason. You would have to have a low science-IQ to be able to suspend disbelief while watching this movie. Davis M.J. Aurini makes some great points about how there is little science behind the movie Black Panther:

The story-line was so shallow that it just copied what was popular in other movies. It had elements of James Bond, Coming to America, and activist action flicks. There was nothing original about the movie.

This movie is extremely racist and political and so Democrats, Black Lives Matter, and other powerful racist groups are attacking anyone who criticizes the movie as being racist. You either like Black Panther, or you’re a racist.

Had I known this was such a political movie and that the positive reviews were fake because people were pressured into saying nice things about the movie, I never would have wasted my $5.99. I want my money back.

As a society, we shouldn’t be judging people by their skin color and we shouldn’t be celebrating movies that do that either.

Mrs. Obama tweeted, “Congrats to the entire #blackpanther team! Because of you, young people will finally see superheroes that look like them on the big screen. I loved this movie and I know it will inspire people of all backgrounds to dig deep and find the courage to be heroes of their own stories.” What? Mrs. Obama never saw any african-american superheros played by Denzel Washington, Will Smith, Wesley Snipes, and others? Of course she has. The reason she said that untruthful statement is all about the politics of pumping this terrible movie.

Black Panther is the first black superhero movie. Bitch Please.

Check out this YouTuber who posted his honest opinion on the movie. Notice the organized effort to thumbs down his video and then all the anti-white racist comments made below the video.

The racist comments against “white people” in the movie Black Panther are not good for society. In fact, this kind of reverse discrimination creates more tensions between people as evidenced by the comments below the YouTube video above.

Disney is a private company that is under federal law that prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, gender, pregnancy, or national origin. The making of a movie that propagates race discrimination shows that Disney is a racist company. Disney should be fined millions of dollars for racial discrimination because whether a company is hiring, or profiting off products that are racist, it proves discrimination on the basis of race. Unity is how we fight against racial discrimination, not reverse racial discrimination.

Instead of scolding Disney for making an insensitive racist movie, instead, collusion takes place between the liberal mainstream media and those who review the movie, with those who produced the movie. Race shaming and the threat of branding anyone who doesn’t like the movie as a racist has occurred. It’s a new low for free speech.

I’m considering removing Disney stock from the portfolio and banning it permanently from this site.

I don’t make investment decisions based on ethics but I’m also not going to promote a company that I feel is harmful to society by stirring up racial divisions between people in the form of racist writings and publications.

Pointing out the racism in this movie with an african-american doctor saying, “Another broken white boy to fix”, will draw out the black supremacy racists on StockTwits. Check out this comment on my StockTwits post:

Stock twits poster allendrewe sends me message lmao if you think BP is racist its time you look in the mirror

There you have it. If you point out the offensive anti-white racism in the movie Black Panther, you are accused of being a racist. The implication by Allendrewe is that I’m a racist because I’m white (i.e. just look in the mirror and see a reflection of yourself). Don’t lose your cool and go into racist land yourself. Clearly Allendrewe is practicing racist hate and is a mis-guided youth. Stooping to a Allendrewe level and being racist yourself is not the answer.

Here is how you respond and win the argument and educate at the same time:

My response on Stock Twits is You don't fight racism by supporting racism. If u do not know that, you do not know the real Black Panther.

You do not fight racism with racism. You fight racism with unity.

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