The overnight futures market is not trading well in terms of liquidity. Normally I see my price quotes jump around every few seconds in after-hours trading. Tonight, there’s a kind of silence that’s freaking me out.

I see the bad moon rising. Fortunately, moon cycles usually don’t last for very long.

Let’s sell out of everything and move to the sidelines and the safety of cash.

Here’s the gains and losses we’re booking:

ILMN = -0.62%
CCI = +0.83%
QCOM = +22.6%
SRPT = -7.4%
EE = +5.31%

For those of you who like to know what I’m doing in my 401K, I’m getting out of the Russell 2000 and moving into Intermediate-term Bonds.

Note: In case you are a new subscriber, I’ve had the #1 performance on Wall Street with my personal 401K being up more than 50% over the last 3 years, and that’s without putting any additional money into my 401K. That performance is unheard of on Wall Street and nobody is even close to matching that. As such, a few Premium members have indicated that they’d like to know what I’m selling and buying in my 401K.