President Trump and Republicans, in order to justify their botched handling of this pandemic that has resulted in nearly 100,000 dead Americans, have long appealed to people’s reason that nobody knew that an epidemic or pandemic would hit like this:

That’s simply not true. Here is doctor Fauci back in 2017 warning the Trump Administration that they will be facing an outbreak exactly like COVID-19:

A small niche of die-hard Trump supporters are claiming that this video is proof Dr. Fauci and the Deep State started this coronavirus pandemic but few take these lunatics seriously.

Most understand that President Trump and Republicans botched protecting the American people from the COVID-19 pandemic. We can forgive because that’s in the past. What worries me is too many Americans dying in the future because of no strong Federal government response to this pandemic. A strong Federal government response would have been free testing, free masks, free disinfectant, and free hand-sanitizer to everyone asked to fight this pandemic, including the general public.

In a national emergency like a war or pandemic, bigger and stronger coordinated efforts through the Federal government are needed. What if Woodrow Wilson or Franklin Roosevelt told Texas or California, it’s up to you to build a battleship, stock it with ammo and volunteers, and then sail it over to Europe to fight against the Germans. Do you think the United States and its allies would have won those world wars? Definitely not.

Trump abdicated his leadership role when he threw this off on to the states to handle. In the blink of an eye Trump went from a strong leader to a weak one IMO. Trump came off as a strong leader when taking on his political enemies, but when it really counted in facing down a terrifying pandemic and using the Defense Production Act to protect Americans, he threw the responsibility off onto cash strapped states. That way, he could blame states for lack of testing, illness, and deaths, and position his Administration as just trying to help out states. When it really counted, he ran for political cover behind states rather than boldly take the coronavirus head-on at the Federal government level. This decision has been a disaster as evidenced by our horrific infection rates and death from the coronavirus. No other country in the world has handled this outbreak as poorly as the United States.

Meanwhile, as infections and deaths soar, people are protesting shelter-in-place orders because such orders infringe on their liberties and freedoms. These ‘brave’ Americans have signs that say give me freedom or give me death. We have become victims of our own success at flattening the curve (i.e. “Do you even know anyone who has caught this? Must be a left-wing conspiracy to destroy private enterprise!”). However, these same ‘brave’ Americans would be crying like a baby if they had the coronavirus and were suffocating in a hospital bed as their lungs slowly filled up with fluid. What a horrible and slow way to die. Reality check: dead people don’t care about liberty and freedom. Put another way, liberty and freedom means nothing if you’re dead.

The November 2020 election for me is going to come down to living versus the stock market. Do I want to live or do I want the stock market to go up? Democrats do alright when it comes to stock market performance during Democrat administrations but Trump has been amazing. People have told me I’m too dramatic claiming that the election in November is about whether we want to live or not. Really? I’m not convinced of that argument because empirical evidence suggests otherwise.

Trump is not adapting and learning from his mistakes. He’s still saying the same things he said back in early March 2020 when our case count was less than 100,000 cases and our deaths were at 26. Notice how the President said the coronavirus would just go away in early March 2020:

Two months later, in May 2020, the President is still saying that the coronavirus will just go away:

President Trump is not adapting to the reality of the coronavirus which I find very troubling. The true nature of the coronavirus revealed in empirical scientific data is clear. It was wrong to say the coronavirus would just go away back in early March of 2020, and that’s been proven by the outbreak numbers we have today. It is possible to forgive Trump for saying coronavirus will just go away back when we had 26 deaths nationwide. There’s simply no rational reason for why the President is continuing to say the coronavirus will just go away when, sadly, we have more than 97,000 deaths today. That means Trump is ignoring empirical data and is instead acting irrational.

On a side note, I’m tempted to order and wear the mask below at a Trump event:

What do you bet that most Trump supporters will give me a thumbs up and not even realize the underhanded pun. ?? Sorry, my bad, had to lighten things up a little.

Trump Pulls Down Ally In Brazil

On Sunday, May 24, 2020, President Trump issued an order to block all travel from Brazil to the United States because of growing outbreak numbers across South America.

The president’s order, published Sunday, denies entry to “all aliens” who were in Brazil two weeks prior to their attempted entry into the United States. The order takes effect May 28 at 11:59 pm ET.

Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro is a close ideological ally of Trump. He is against globalism and rose a populist wave of nationalism to victory. Unfortunately, President Bolsonaro took his lead from President Trump regarding the downplaying of the coronavirus. President Bolsonaro, like his ally President Trump, has repeatedly downplayed the virus calling it a “little flu” and threatening to charge governors with a crime who have issued stay-at-home orders. Bolsonaro’s own press secretary tested positive for the virus in March after attending a gathering with the Brazilian president and Trump at Mar-a-Lago back in March 2020.

Why Brazil Coronavirus Outbreak Is So Bad

Leaders of foreign countries should not have taken President Trump’s lead in how to respond to this pandemic outbreak. Most did not. But some, like Brazil, did. It’s unclear if Bolsonaro responded to the coronavirus like he did in order to curry favor with Trump, or if it was more of a political, nationalistic ideology that united them. What is clear is the result of what happens when you ignore science:

resident Trump will no doubt take credit for blocking travel from Brazil as protecting Americans. But an argument can be made that had Trump not influenced Bolsonaro in the first place, there would never have been as bad an outbreak in Brazil and thus never a need to block Brazilian travel to the U.S. in the first place. I disagree with that argument as being too critical of Trump in that ultimately, it’s up to Bolsonaro to protect the people of Brazil and it’s Bolsonaro’s fault for allowing his world-view of the coronavirus to be influenced by Trump (if that really is what happened). Like you’d have to be a special kind of stupid to follow Trump’s lead on how to handle the coronavirus. You would think that any intelligent leader of a country would be looking at how the best countries handled coronavirus outbreaks, not the worst like the U.S.