PPA stock has formed a bullish hammer candlestick pattern on January 3, 2020. This pattern is a two-day candlestick pattern with the first day being an update with a shaven top, followed by a bullish hammer on day two.

finviz dynamic chart for  ppa

PPA is the Invesco Aerospace and Defense ETF and a lot of money has moved into this ETF after President Trump ordered the assassination of Iran’s top General while he was visiting in Iraq.

The Daily Mail reports that Iran officials and supporters of General Qassem Soleimani vowed vengeance for his death and they put an $80 million bounty on President Trump’s head over the weekend. Source: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7853703/Iran-threatens-attack-White-House-crushing-powerful-retaliation.html

Notice that we had a bullish Pocket Pivot signal in PPA stock on Friday, January 3, 2020.

President Trump’s ordered assassination of Soleimani is galvanizing alliances as people and countries move to either our side, or the side of Iran.

President Trump was voted into office on a platform of getting us out of endless wars in the middle-east. Trump’s enemies like Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff will use this strike to further attack the President before the 2020 election.

Corporate globalists that are pulling the strings of Democrats in creating fake and manufactured things to attack the President on, finally have something they can use as a wedge to separate the President from some of his supporters. President Trump will counter that Democrats were a disaster when it came to Iran so I don’t think this wedge will be enough to make President Trump lose the election. However, if the stock market crashes and the US economy goes into a recession as the price of oil soars above $100 a barrel, President Trump will be vulnerable in the 2020 election and historians will look back on Trump’s decision to assassinate Iran’s top General as ultimately a mistake that doomed him to being another one-term President.

President Trump already had crippling sanctions in place against Iran that he said were working. Was it really necessary then to assassinate Iran’s top General when he was on a diplomatic mission in Iraq? Only time will tell if Trump made a brilliant or stupid move. If it’s stupid, but it works, it’s not stupid.

The Democrat controlled mainstream corporate media is claiming that President Trump was scared of having a Benghazi moment like Clinton and Obama had. That’s ridiculous. Everybody knows that President Trump has balls of steel and he’s a honey badger that doesn’t give a f*** about his enemies (whether Democrats, corporate Elites, the Deep State Intelligence agencies, or Iran). Trying to spin this as Trump was scared is stupid. The Democrats and the Deep State have spent years making up sh*t about him and publishing it in the mainstream news as if it’s fact, and Trump has yet to cower in fear.

George Galloway makes some scary predictions about what is likely going to happen over the coming days and weeks. You won’t hear this perspective on US corporate propaganda news channels but it is the prevailing point of view outside the US., which is problematic.

All stock traders and investors should listen to George Galloway’s perspective in addition to US based media news groups. The reason is simple: you need to hear all perspectives in order to understand the situation at a deeper level so that you are not blind-sided by an external event which causes you to lose a lot of money. Remember, the military industrial complex has the most powerful lobby in Washington D.C. which literally has the power to define what is “national security”. Please spend a little time listening to George Galloway’s perspective in addition to what you are reading and hearing in the US corporate mainstream media:

I’ve been making predictions for more than a decade and I’m right about 70% of the time. Here is my prediction on what will happen next with Iran.

This conflict will likely escalate over the coming days and weeks, especially as we get closer to the Aries sun around March 20. If the conflict is not resolved by March, look out as March is the war month.

Iraq and Iran may join forces to expel the US from the region.

Iran will likely try and hit the US where it hurts the most: oil. Iran will likely attack US oil tankers in the Persian Gulf which will escalate this into a regional war.

Saudi Arabia could come under drone attack as Iran moves to disrupt the US economy by attacking Saudi Arabia oil fields.

If Iran can disrupt the flow of oil from Saudi Arabia, and Iraq stops selling oil to the US in protest of the assassination and killing of its own citizens along with the Iran General, then we could see oil sky-rocket to $100 a barrel which would cripple the US economy and knock us into a recession. Gold will also rally in such an environment.

Already the price of oil is starting to rise and Iran hasn’t even fired a shot in retaliation yet.


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