Bullish Option Flow In Bed Bath and Beyond $BBBY On Short Squeeze

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Bullish option flow occurred in Bed Bath and Beyond $BBBY stock on October 25, 2022, as traders bet on a massive short-squeeze in the stock.

Bullish Option Flow In $BBBY Stock

In particular, there was the $7.50 call with a November 4, 2022, expiration date where the options were purchased above the ask (AA). These AA purchases show the desire to bet on the long side as quickly as possible, so as quickly getting into the trade was more important than price.

Bed Bath and Beyond stock option flow on October 25, 2022, shown in a table with the text TIME SYMBOL EXP STRIKE C/P SPOT DETAILS TYPE VALUE 8:43:54 BBBY 02/17/23 15 CALL 5.23 290@0.82_A SWEEP $23.8K 8:43:45 BBBY 02/17/23 15 CALL 5.22 382@0.82_A SWEEP $313K 8:43:09 BBBY 02/17/23 15 CALL 5.26 514@0.82_A SWEEP $42.1 K 8:39:56 BBBY 02/17/23 15 CALL 5.27 766@0.81_A SWEEP $62K 8:35:54 BBBY 10/28/22 5 CALL 5.24 300@0.602_A SWEEP $18.1K 8:34:36 BBBY 11/04/22 5 PUT 5.25 400@0.52_A BLOCK $20.8K 8:31:41 BBBY 10/28/22 5 CALL 534 166@0.623_AA SWEEP $103K 8:31:25 BBBY 11/04/22 7.5 CALL 531 503@0.255_AA SWEEP $1Z8K 8:28:20 BBBY 10/28/22 5.5 CALL 5.12 3007@0327_AA SWEEP $983K 8:22:15 BBBY 10/28/22 5.5 CALL 5.09 470@03_A SWEEP $14.1 K 8:19:48 BBBY 10/28/22 6 CALL 5.07 999@0.229_A SWEEP $2Z9K 8:13:10 BBBY 11/11/22 7.5 CALL 5.14 501@03_A SWEEP $15K 7:58:02 BBBY 10/28/22 5.5 CALL 5.08 590@032_A SWEEP $18.9K 7:54:04 BBBY 11/18/22 6 CALL 5.02 445@O.55_A SWEEP $24.5K

Bed Bath creditors working with Perella Weinberg ahead of bond talks, WSJ says

On October 4, 2022, the WSJ reported that some Bed Bath & Beyond bondholders were working with Perella Weinberg Partners ahead of debt talks expected to be held with the company. The company said last week it is considering launching a distressed exchange that would swap the outstanding bonds for new, longer-tenured debt or equity in the company, based on their trading prices. Source: https://www.wsj.com/articles/bed-bath-beyond-creditors-organize-ahead-of-bond-talks-11664837718

Bed Bath and Beyond $BBBY Technical Analysis

Bed Bath and Beyond $BBBY stock is in a technical strong downtrend. Long-term indicators suggest a continuation of the downtrend.

Bed Bath and Beyond stock chart on October 25, 2022, in downtrend channel with a neutral MACD and negative money flow.

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