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Amazon chart with rising large players volume.

Amazon Stock Sentiment Up, Has More Than 100 Million Prime Members

Amazon stock is up this morning after it was reported that Amazon has more than 100 million prime members. That works out to more than $9 billion in revenue just from prime member fees.

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Amazon stock has taken Micron’s place as our “go to ATM” stock.

Amazon stock sentiment in the news has become very bullish over the last few days. That bullish sentiment began with the Jeff Bezos Washington Post tweet in response to Twitter Troll Trump, and continues with the 100 million prime members revelation after market close yesterday.

Amazon stock sentiment from news stories is rising

A large buy order for Amazon stock came off the dark pool shortly after market open today.

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Large buy order for Amazon coming off the dark pool

That whopping 78,323 shares block order comes out to an estimated $121,009,035. That’s large players, like institutional investors, buying up Amazon stock.

The rising large players volume looks beautiful on Amazon’s stock chart and confirms the dark pool buying.

Amazon chart with rising large players volume.

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Amazon stock looks like it’s going to make a run back at its March 2018 high.

Disclosure: As Premium members know, I went long AMZN stock.

Amazon In the News
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