Is it really that shocking that globalists who blame Republicans and Trump for the UK leaving the EU, would jump at the chance to put tariffs on U.S. products?

Come on. We saw this coming a mile away.

The European Commission called on member countries to come up with a list of U.S. products that it will subject to import tariffs in response to the U.S. putting tariffs on European steel and aluminum.

The EU is clearly doing the bidding of the Chinese.

CNBC keeps having guests on that talk about how the U.S. already has tariffs on Chinese steel as if the problem has already been addressed by the former Obama Administration and Democrats. No one at CNBC counters this absurd smoke-screen and asks about how much Chinese steel is just being shipped to other countries and then a new label is put on it, and it’s marked up and sold to the U.S.

Countries are selling steel into our markets that don’t even have the manufacturing capacity to produce steel in the first place.

The scam of accepting cheap Chinese steel, marking it up, then selling it to the U.S. under a new name is over.

But we’re not just talking about steel and aluminum. Look at how Toys R Us is officially closing its stores today, putting thousands of our fellow citizens out of work.

Folks, 90% of all toys sold in the U.S. are made in China. Online retailers like Amazon sold much cheaper Chinese toys through its website. China flooded our markets with cheap toys. U.S. toy manufacturers, in order to compete on price, began offshoring the manufacturing of toys to China decades ago.

American Plastic Toys is a manufacturing anomaly. They made the decision to not manufacture toys in China. The President and CEO explained why toy makers started manufacturing toys in China, “It’s a lot easier to run a toy factory in China where requirements like employee protections don’t exist.” You can read the full story here.

While China was busy gutting our toy manufacturing capacity and taking our jobs, they were also heavily supporting lobbyists in this country that were pro-offshoring and outsourcing.

Here is Clinton lying to the American people back in the 90s when all this began. I’m not sure Clinton was intentionally lying and I don’t want to get political. Nevertheless, it was still a lie told to the American people.

Economically, this [WTO] agreement is the equivalent of a one-way street. It requires China to open its markets with a fifth of the world’s population, potentially the biggest markets in the world. For the first time, China will agree to play by the same open trading rules we do. Never happened before. For the first time our companies will be able to sell and distribute products in China made by workers here in America.

Check out this video clip from Death by China to better understand what happened to our toy manufacturing industry:

China bought power and influence in this country and that money also flowed to mainstream media groups to be silent about the gutting out of America’s manufacturing sector and that includes the manufacturing of toys. Millions of jobs were lost and few “news” reports were ever released about what was going on. Talk about fake news! Why go after small internet sites and put “fake news” filters on content when the behemoths of news distribution are the biggest propagators of fake news? Sorry, I digress. China’s power and influence propagated outward from lobbyists and politicians to the mainstream media.

Now we have thousands of jobs at Toys R Us lost as well.

Fox Business news briefly had a guest on that exposed what happened to Toys R Us but it was quickly shutdown and no questions at all were asked about what he was saying:

The idea that the EU would put tariffs on our goods for trying to prevent more job losses in our country shows what happens under a globalist regime when national sovereignty is given up.

Folks, we’re not backing down and so if the hope is that somehow President Trump is just using the threat of tariffs as a negotiating tactic, I think a lot of people are going to realize that the President is not bluffing.

Instead of levying counter tariffs against the US, the EU should be focused on preventing cheap and subsidized Chinese products from reaching each one of their member countries. Every country around the world needs to reject Chinese products and begin rebuilding their own manufacturing sectors and providing jobs for their own people. It has to be something that every country moves to do at the same time in order to be effective against China’s trade war that began when they were accepted into the WTO back in 2001 and even earlier. China wants nothing more than to get us fighting against each other. We need to present a unified front against the Red Dragon if we hope to rebuild our manufacturing sectors and provide more jobs for our fellow countrymen.