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Google CEO Confronted By Alex Jones At Congress Last Week

In fantastic vintage Alex Jones form, Alex did a one-man protest against Google SEO Sundar Pichai when he appeared for testimony before Congress last week.

This isn’t fake liberal Democrat George Soros stuff where people are paid to harass Republican senators. You know, the fake Brett Kavanaugh garbage that took place in the summer of 2018, where angry women were paid to accuse Republican’s of supporting a rapist that later turned out to be all lies.

This is one man with millions of followers who was kicked off Google’s YouTube platform standing up for himself and trying to engage Pichai in public because he has no other way to communicate with Pichai behind his legion of security guards. Pichai didn’t even have the moral quality of character to face Alex Jones and try and answer his questions about why Republicans and nationalists are being kicked off big tech social media platforms and why is he helping the Chinese to censor and imprison its people?

Notice the dishonest mainstream media reporter who tried a straw-man move against Alex Jones by bringing up Sandy Hook. The fake news mainstream media reporter was completely shutout in seconds by alternative media who went on to talk about Google engaging in what they called “evil” actions. It’s so great to see the Democrat controlled mainstream media shut out of the conversation and side-lined in the real (non-online) world.

Props to Millennial Millie for posting this video on YouTube (not sure how long it will remain up before getting deleted).

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