House Republicans Call For Investigation of Democrats

It’s as if Republicans read my recent article calling for an investigation into Democrats. Yes! Thank you God. Thank you Republicans. I’m so happy folks.

House Judiciary Committee Republicans on Thursday called for a new special counsel to investigate Hillary Clinton, James Comey and Loretta Lynch. Finally! What took them so long?!

The Democrats pathetic attacks of President Trump will not come to a stop until Republicans use the same tactics against the Democrats. At some point, Democrats will realize that they are in trouble more than President Trump. When that happens, Democrats will ask Republicans to drop the legal cases against them in exchange for dropping the legal challenges against President Trump. It’s like House of Cards but in real-life.

In a letter addressed to Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, the Republicans said they were writing to “request assistance in restoring public confidence in our nation’s justice system and its investigators, specifically the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).”

The letter said:

Our call for a special counsel is not made lightly. We have no interest in engendering more bad feelings and less confidence in the process or governmental institutions by the American people. Rather, our call is made on their behalf. It is meant to determine whether the criminal prosecution of any individual is warranted based on the solemn obligation to follow the facts wherever they lead and applying the law to those facts.

Do you think Republicans call for a special counsel to investigate Hillary Clinton, James Comey and Loretta Lynch is a good thing? Leave your comments below.

Author: Lance Jepsen

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