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S-300 missile firing

Israel Now Is The Hot Spot In Syria

After Israel bombed Syria last week, it is likely that Israel jets will be banned from entering into Syria. Russia already banned U.S. jets from entering the area which is why Israel jets were used to conduct the bombings last week.

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The next logical move by Russia is to ban Israel jets from Syrian skies as it’s pretty clear that the U.S. was able to get around the ban by its proxy, Israel.

Russian S-300 Air Defense Systems

Russia has its older S-300 Air Defense System that it could sell the Syrian government.

Israel begged Russia to not sell its Syria its S-300 system back in 2013. Russia agreed as long as Syria was not attacked by Israel or its ally the U.S. Putin said in 2013 that if the U.S. attacked, Moscow would “rethink how we should act in the future.”

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Now that both the U.S. and Israel have attacked Syria, it’s a pretty good bet that Russia will sell the Syrian government the S-300.

Threats Aimed At Russia In Mainstream Media

The mainstream media is reporting that Israel likely has a plan in place to blow up the S-300 systems as soon as they are deployed as seen in this Bloomberg report.

Meanwhile, President Trump just let it slip in his press conference with Abe that U.S. forces and Russian forces have already clashed on the ground in Syria which has resulted in many deaths.

Keep your news feed alerts on the keyword Syria in place folks because this thing is far from over and we don’t want to be blindsided by a news story that tanks markets.

Syria In The News
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