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Kavanaugh Takes Place On US Supreme Court

I’m so proud of you, my fellow citizens. I remember back in my college days, a group of us huddled in secrecy to talk about the biases in the mainstream media and the university system.

I remember lamenting and getting angry at watching the mainstream media news because of what I thought was obvious mind-control tactics based on lies.

Back then, it seemed like most people believed the mainstream media and the outright dishonesty and lies spewed forth like the Old Faithful geyser.

Fast forward to the present and what Democrats did to a good Christian man Brett Kavanaugh and his family. George Soros and Democrats pulled out all the stops in an attempt to ruin Brett Kavanaugh’s life.

Democrats used Hollywood and everyone they could to destroy Brett Kavanaugh. Here is a Late Show broadcast from July 10, 2018, just days after President Trump nominated Kavanaugh:

Keep in mind that these attacks disguised as “comedy” started in July of 2018, long before lying women came forward to falsely claim Kavanaugh abused and raped them. Stephen Colbert went down hill fast after joining Democrat controlled CBS. Now, Colbert is just another puppet of the Democrat party trying to disguise political attacks behind humor.

A writer for Stephen Colbert’s show just tweeted yesterday before the Senate voted Kavanaugh in:
Ariel Dumas tweet

At least Ariel wasn’t hiding her pro-Democrat support behind humor.

The information wars and the control for your mind didn’t work for the Democrats. In fact, the Democrats just exposed their absurdity and what they are willing to destroy in the name of power. Sure, some lower IQ Americans probably fell for the Democrat lies, but the majority of Americans saw right through it as evidenced by the backlash against Democrats in the most recent polls.

I’m so proud of my fellow citizens for seeing through this despicable Democrat attack against Kavanaugh in the name of blocking President Trump’s Supreme Court appointment.

Mainstream Fake News On Kavanaugh

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