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Media Bias and the Trump Agenda

You would think that Democrats would have learned the lesson of media bias from their defeat in the midterm elections as the big “blue wave” they promised fizzled into only a win of the House and even that victory was likely fraudulent. My state of California has more congressional House seats than any other state and at least 6 Republicans had solid margins over Democrats in their districts until provisional and absentee ballots were counted. Then we learn that 11 California counties had more registered voters than eligible adults! No wonder Democrats are against voter ID and bio-metrics technology. In this day of incredible technology advances, fraud is the only logical explanation for why the U.S. has not upgraded and fixed its citizen voting technology.

Democrats are working overtime pumping the media bias through their publishing groups: ABC, CBS, NBC, CNBC, MSNBC, and CNN to attack the President on multiple fronts as Democrats take control of the House this week.

Army General Stanley McChrystal, who was fired by Obama, was on ABC saying that President Donald Trump is immoral and doesn’t tell the truth.

Since President Trump is pulling out of Syria, corporate mainstream media are parading retired Generals in front of the public who are bashing the President. Check out the disgraced General McChrystal propaganda:

CBS is really shoveling the propaganda too claiming that “Democrats and Republicans are condemning” the President’s decision to withdraw from Syria:

How do we know this is a coordinated propaganda effort by Democrats? Because Hollywood is in on the media bias. A couple of decades ago, Hollywood Democrats were against war and what they claimed were “racist attitudes” which underpinned it. Today, they seem to support imperialism, war, murder, regime change, and endless military occupations. Democrats are now equal with Republicans in the propagation of the Death Cult we call the United States of America.

Democrats and their corporate mainstream media propaganda are using the bogus doctrine of humanitarian interventionism and bogus Russia-phobia to argue for military conflicts around the world.

Checkout Hollywood Democrat Mia Farrow arguing for war:

Checkout Hollywood Democrat Bette Midler actually supporting more hatred against Russia and murder in Syria:

This Democrat propaganda in the mainstream media denounces President Trump’s “racism” for wanting to build a wall and stop the flow of illegal aliens and drugs into this country, but they think that the U.S. has the right to occupy and murder people in Syria?

Check out what Hollywood’s Democrat Kurt Eichenwald has to say about Syria:

Right because the only way you can make your point that we SHOULDN’T leave Syria is to compare it to one of the houses you own. Reality check, Syria is not a house and the U.S. doesn’t own it.

Check out what Hollywood’s Cher has to say about ending our involvement in Syria:

Somebody should explain to Cher that the U.S. was not invited into Syria by its leader nor does the U.S. have a right to occupy Syria and technically, when the U.S. fired missiles into Syria it was probably a war-crime according to international law. If Cher was really so concerned about crimes, why not look at the crimes the U.S. committed in Syria that ultimately led to the situation we have today? Cher’s not interested in crimes. She’s doing the bidding of the corporate globalist mainstream media masters because she probably hopes for a role in an upcoming Hollywood production.

To be fair, not all Democrats support staying in Syria but you’d never know that by reading the mainstream media. Check out what Democrat Ted Lieu had to say:

Have you noticed the hypocrisy of Democrats and the mainstream media regarding George Bush? George Bush illegally invaded Iraq and destroyed the entire country based on false claims about it possessing WMDs. George Bush’s policies led to the rise of ISIS and Obama gave military arms to ISIS to overthrow Assad in Syria. But hey, Bush gave Michelle a candy at John McCain’s funeral and criticized Trump on immigration so let’s portray Bush as a good guy in the mainstream media because the enemy, of my enemy, is my friend.

Thankfully we have people in Congress like Rand Paul:

But even Rand Paul didn’t quite speak the truth about Syria. “We” meaning the U.S., did not defeat ISIS in Syria. That credit goes to the Syrian government and Russia. Both Syria’s Assad and Russia have been battling ISIS a lot longer than the U.S. has, in fact, even when Obama was secretly arming ISIS in Syria via the CIA, Russia and Syria were fighting ISIS. Russia and Syria would have defeated ISIS long ago had it not been for the actions of the Obama Administration.

Nearly 100 different types of weapons from pistols to grenade launchers manufactured in 18 countries, including the US, Austria, Belgium, UK, Israel, and France were shown to the Russian leader. Among other samples that were shown to the Russian president were military command posts equipped with US made chips and technology that gave them digital and modular radio stations, explosive devices that were disguised as toys for children, cans of drinks and other civilian items made by the militants. The exhibition also devoted a section to unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), which the Russian military managed to neutralize in Syria. ‘Jihad-mobile’ – an armored civilian off-road vehicle stuffed with explosives – was among the bigger objects displayed at the exhibition. Putin was also shown plants of poisonous substances, including mustard gas, as well as large-calibre howitzers capable of firing balloons with poisonous substances. I told you years ago that it was unlikely that Assad or Russia would have used gas against women and children in Syria. Instead, I said it was more likely ISIS/militants would have used the gas because they wanted to draw the US into the Syrian war because they were losing! Not only was I proven correct that the militants were in-fact losing in Syria (something the mainstream media did not report to the public until much later) so they had a motive, but now Russia claims to have obtained the very hardware that could have been used to gas Syrian civilians!

Check out President Putin inspecting the weapons and equipment Russia military commanders seized from militants/ISIS in Syria that were from the US and NATO countries. Is it real? I don’t know but it could be and even the possibility screams why we shouldn’t be involved in regime change and military actions in other countries unless we have a clear objective and can get our troops out quickly:

Folks, Democrat controlled mainstream media and Hollywood types like Cher, Bette Midler, Mia Farrow, and even retired Generals like Mattis and McChrystal have forgotten that the highest goal should always be to work for peace, not war. The truth is that Syria nearly led to World War III and nuclear annihilation of the entire human race. I thank God President Trump is getting us out of Syria. The Bush and then Obama Administrations created the Syrian mess and President Trump is finally getting us out of it and preventing World War III! That’s the truth if you can handle it.

Russia and Turkey are holding high level talks for a political solution between the Kurds, Turkey, and how to bring peace to the region now that the U.S. is withdrawing from Syria.

The propaganda from the mainstream media in the U.S., instead of reporting on the details of what Turkey, Russia, and the Kurds are agreeing to and what are the problems in negotiations, instead they run fake news attack pieces on how destabilizing the U.S. withdrawal from Syria is going to be and how ISIS is going to return to power! The truth is most credit for the defeat of ISIS goes to Russia and Syria and they aren’t leaving the theater of conflict so how could ISIS come back? The truth is, they can’t. But truth and informing the U.S. public on what is really going on doesn’t matter, it’s all about fake news and attacking President Trump, even if that means supporting, by extension, nuclear annihilation of all human life on the planet.

President Trump is fighting back against the corporate globalist mainstream media:

Here’s what I can’t figure out. If Democrats and Republicans are all freaked out because President Trump is pulling out of Syria because they say it endangers our country, why don’t they fly to the frontlines in Syria and take up arms instead of sending low-income Americans to die while they tweet from behind security walls that surround their mansions? I think it’s a fair question.

These powerful undercurrents of globalism versus nationalism and corporate globalist propaganda versus nationalistic internet alternative media sites has the potential to splash over into the stock market at any time. In 2018 we’ve seen a massive corporate globalist censorship push by Alphabet/Google, Facebook, Apple, and Twitter to silence thousands of Americans and prevent them from expressing their views which led Republican’s in Congress to summon these corporate CEOs to testify before them. These companies stocks have plunged as a result which in turn has pulled down the entire market because of market cap index weighting. Corporate globalists are pushing censorship because they are losing control of public perception.

The incredible amount of media bias against President Trump seems to be coordinating perfectly with rising rates by the Federal Reserve as 2020 election campaigning begins in January 2019. Corporate globalists may attempt to put the economy into a recession before the 2020 election which would hurt the U.S. stock market. The idea being that they have a better chance at defeating Trump in 2020 if Powell crashes the economy and stock market.

The government shutdown favors Republican’s ideology and so Democrats must do something drastic to get the government open again as we are seeing with the increase in anti-Trump propaganda and media bias. Is this laying the ground work for an impeachment of the President by Democrats? Does the Democrat party want to soften-up Trump support before they announce impeachment proceedings? What do you bet that the Mueller investigation is going to suddenly come to an end and Mueller will release his findings now that Democrats have taken the House. Was the Mueller investigation kept open for 2 years, even after finding no Russia collusion, just so that Democrats could take control of the House and push for impeachment?

Do the corporate globalists have enough power to get Republicans to not launch an investigation of Mueller and his role in exonerating Hillary Clinton and her collusion with Russia, Obama’s corruption of the Justice Department and spying on citizen Trump’s campaign and feeding that information to the Clinton campaign? Why haven’t Republicans already put Clinton in jail for destroying evidence that was under subpoena by Congress?

You need to be aware of this battle for power at the top levels inside the U.S. government and with corporate globalists that control mainstream media and public perception because this can splash over into the stock market in a Black Swan event at anytime in 2019.

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