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Molina Healthcare Screws Medicaid and Medicare Patients With India Call Center

Molina Healthcare (MOH) provides managed health care services under the Medicaid and Medicare programs and through the state insurance marketplaces. Through its locally operated health plans, Molina served approximately 4 million members as of September 30, 2018.

Molina Healthcare has just worked a deal with Infosys who will manage Molina’s IT infrastructure functions, including IT operations, end-user services, and data centers. Infosys is that damn India company where jerks from India that you can barely understand provide “customer disservice”.

Most Americans are sick and tired of companies like Dell, Microsoft, Google, Paypal and now even Molina Healthcare that have pushed their customer service to India in order to save money and push their stock price higher.

I was making a big purchase on Dell’s website recently. The website error’d out and it said the CC I used was declined. I called Dell which has their customer service in India through a company like Infosys. I was transferred three times over a period of 20 minutes to different Dell divisions all in India. A rude Indian lady kept interrupting me and seemed more concerned if I was going to try and re-sell the Dell computers I was buying! This disrespectful little sh*t from India who I could hardly even understand argued with me when I asked her to stop interrupting me. After exploding in anger on this $3 an hour moron from India, I was transferred to a small business customer service center of Dell’s in Austin, Texas to Jim who was an American that spoke good English and fixed my problem in a few minutes AND gave me an additional discount for the hassle I went through. From now on, I’m contacting Jim in Texas when I purchase Dell computers!

We now have a President of the United States who is begging these corporations that make billions of dollars in profit each year to hire American workers. The President even massively lowered their taxes to give them the extra cash to move their supply chains back to the U.S. Props to Dell for listening to the President and providing an American based small business customer service center! It’s a start.

I’m disappointed with Molina Healthcare for forcing seniors and those on Medicaid and Medicare to have to deal with poor English speaking people in India that you can’t even understand on the phone and who are rude and provide terrible customer service. That’s more good paying U.S. jobs Molina Healthcare is cutting so that it can hire people in India to deal with customers for $3 an hour.

Molina Healthcare says:

“Bringing on a best-in-class partner like Infosys to help us manage our technology infrastructure will support the evolving needs of our business while delivering significant cost savings,” said Jim Woys, executive vice president of health plan services for Molina Healthcare, Inc. “This agreement is another step forward in helping us sustain and expand our margins as we lay the foundation for profitable growth in the coming years.”

It’s a fairydiddle, do-diddle, all day.

Money is coming out of every working American’s pocket in the form of taxation to help Medicaid and Medicare patients but a big chuck is going to call-centers and IT companies in India which puts U.S. citizens out of jobs. So tax payers are helping to fund their own demise while the CEO and corporate institutional investors make millions. This is why the gap between the rich and poor has exploded higher and the U.S. really has no middle-class anymore.

Worse, Molina Healthcare doing this means that it will force other healthcare companies in the U.S. to do the same thing or face a big competitive disadvantage.

Any company that outsources its call centers to India should be forced to pay a 200% penalty on every dollar it spends on employing people in India. So if Paypal wants to pay someone in India $5 an hour to answer phones, they must pay the U.S. government a penalty of $10 an hour. That would make the total cost to employ someone in India $15 per hour which would bring a lot of jobs back to the U.S. The penalty would go to offset the cost of unemployment and putting Americans on government tax payers assistance.

I will not recommend buying Molina Healthcare stock and I think we need to examine the morality of buying any stock in any company that outsources good paying American jobs to cheaper labor in India, China, and other Asian countries. Enough is enough. After 20 years of outsourcing and offshoring that has brought the U.S. economy to the brink of total collapse while the rich have gotten richer at the expense of the American middle-class, it’s time to push back IMO.

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