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Pro-Trump Supporter Accused As Racist Stands Up For Himself

This young and mis-guided man working in Xhale City Vape Shop verbally attacked a customer for wearing a pro-Trump shirt.

Democrats and their mainstream media groups are to blame for this mis-guided young man that was ultimately fired from Xhale City Vape Shop.

Most people who support President Trump are too afraid to wear pro-Trump shirts and hats in public because of falsely being labeled as racists by prominent Democrats and their accomplices in the mainstream media. The great thing about this is that the Trump supporter refused to be bullied into leaving the store.

The truth is that most Trump supporters are the kindest, most compassionate people on the planet who care deeply about treating people fairly and not judging them by their skin color. However Democrats decided to play the racist card against Trump in a bid to win back power. As a result of doing this, they have taken advantage of young minds and twisted them against Trump supporters like what you see in this video. Unfortunately the Xhale City Vape Shop employee was fired as a result of his over-the-top actions but his actions were the result of being manipulated by propaganda in the mainstream liberal media.

Most Trump supporters would have just been bullied into leaving the store. Props to this Trump supporter for standing up for himself and what is right. How many other people wearing pro-Trump clothing were kicked out of the store by this employee?

No worries. I have little doubt that this young man will find gainful employment as soon as this drama passes. I have little doubt that one day, when he gets a bit older, he’ll look back on this and regret that he was so manipulated by propaganda in the mainstream media against President Trump supporters. How do I know? Many of us came from a similar position as this young man when we were young. Many of us were manipulated by left-leaning professors as we went through the college system in America.

The bigger picture though is that this country continues to be deeply divided by Democrats and their labeling of Republicans and President Trump as racists. This division will only increase as Democrat Presidential candidates begin their 2020 campaigns next year.

Corporate controlled media has brainwashed a good percentage of the public into allowing themselves to be used as tools to push an agenda that sabotages their, and our, future. Notice how the mainstream media can turn the population against anyone or any group. Today, the mainstream media is turning the public against President Trump supporters. Tomorrow, the mainstream media could turn the public against you for your religious beliefs or skin color. Education and First Amendment rights broadly applied over the Internet is how we combat these corporate media propaganda machines. Publishing is no longer controlled by a few rich and powerful people at the top. The Internet has made us all publishers. This is why it’s so important to fight back against Internet censorship by Google, Facebook, Twitter, and others IMO.

As stock traders and investors, it’s critically important to understand the power structure in the U.S. and the role that the mainstream media plays. Where you choose to get your news has a huge impact on your trading account. Always remember that media groups like CNBC and CNN are not there to help you as an individual make money IMO. They exist to do the bidding of our corporate masters in the giant corporation known as the U.S.A. They have the rich and powerful on their “news” shows that have an agenda that has nothing to do with your small individual trading account. Never drink the kool-aid made by corporate media else you’ll end up making bad decisions in your trading sort of like the bad decisions made by this former employee of Xhale City Vape Shop.

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