Top 100 Insider Trading Stocks For The Week Ending January 14 2018

Here are the top 100 insider trading stocks for the week. The idea with tracking insider buying is that insiders may have information not widely known by the public. Moves made by insiders can signal information to outsiders. Both insiders and major shareholders that are required to report trades to the SEC are included below.

The table below is sorted by transaction value in descending order (largest transaction at the top) but you can click on the arrows in the first row to sort by any of the columns that you want. For example, you may want to sort by company to group all insider trades together for a single company.

DateCompanyInsider# of SharesPrice Per ShareTransaction Total
1/11/2018Sprint (S) Group Corp Softbank6,239,538$5.70 $35,565,366.60
1/9/2018Sprint (S) Group Corp Softbank5,348,176$5.82 $31,126,384.32
1/9/2018Mothercare (MTC) Mark Newton-Jones218,866$46.00 $10,067,836.00
1/9/2018Altisource Portfolio (ASPS) Deer Park Road Mgmt350,000$27.93 $9,775,500.00
1/9/2018Creo Medical Group (CREO) Steve Morris115,325$68.00 $7,842,100.00
1/8/2018Dialight (DIA) Martin L. Rapp12,500$573.00 $7,162,500.00
1/10/2018Micro Focus Int (MCRO) Darren Roos3,101$2,257.00 $6,998,957.00
1/8/2018Debenhams (DEB) Sergio Bucher169,000$30.00 $5,070,000.00
1/10/2018Community Health (CYH) Tian Qiao Chen995,551$3.97 $3,952,337.47
1/9/2018Templeton Emerg Mrkts (TEI) Saba Capital Mgmt322,905$11.49 $3,710,178.45
1/12/2018Kala Pharma (KALA) Orbimed Advisors Llc240,484$13.28 $3,193,627.52
1/9/2018Stock Spirits Group (STCK) Paul Bal10,000$267.00 $2,670,000.00
1/11/2018Limitless Earth (LME) Guido Contesso525,000$5.00 $2,625,000.00
1/8/2018Cambria Auto (CAMB) Paul McGill41,897$59.00 $2,471,923.00
1/11/2018United Utilities Group (UU) Paulette Rowe3,000$770.00 $2,310,000.00
1/11/2018Advanced Onco (AVO) Enrico Cipro Vanni40,000$55.00 $2,200,000.00
1/10/2018Kala Pharma (KALA) Orbimed Advisors Llc170,338$12.83 $2,185,436.54
1/8/2018GYM Group (GYM) Emma Woods8,930$224.00 $2,000,320.00
1/11/2018Metal Tiger (MTR) Charles J Hall1,000,000$2.00 $2,000,000.00
1/8/2018Community Health (CYH) Tian Qiao Chen478,700$3.98 $1,905,226.00
1/10/2018Autins Group (AUTG) Terence Garthwaite15,000$125.00 $1,875,000.00
1/11/2018British Land (BLND) Tim Score2,654$683.00 $1,812,682.00
1/11/2018Templeton Emer Mrkts (TEI) Saba Capital Mgmt149,211$11.61 $1,732,339.71
1/10/2018Approach Resources (AREX) Wilks Brothers, Llc450,000$3.45 $1,552,500.00
1/11/2018Safety Income (SAFE) Istar Inc.71,993$17.95 $1,292,274.35
1/11/2018GLI Finance (GLIF) Aaron Le Cornu150,000$8.00 $1,200,000.00
1/8/2018Avon Rubber (AVON) Petrus R M Vervaat967$1,200.00 $1,160,400.00
1/8/2018Safety Income (SAFE) Istar Inc.59,420$17.95 $1,066,589.00
1/8/2018Hvivo (HVO) Jaime Ellertson16,401$55.00 $902,055.00
1/9/2018Delaware Enh Fund (DEX) Saba Capital Mgmt67,757$12.44 $842,897.08
1/8/2018Skyline (SKY) Jeffrey L Et Al Gendell48,966$16.99 $831,932.34
1/12/2018Approach Res (AREX) Wilks Brothers, Llc200,000$4.04 $808,000.00
1/8/2018UIL (UTL) Alison Hill4,923$164.00 $807,372.00
1/9/ (CRM) Susan Wojcicki6,000$109.14 $654,840.00
1/8/2018Biglari (BH) Sardar Biglari1,557$417.02 $649,300.14
1/10/2018Fluidigm (FLDM) Levin Capital100,576$6.34 $637,651.84
1/9/2018OPG Power Ventures (OPG) Dmitri Tsvetkov25,000$23.00 $575,000.00
1/10/2018Jupiter Emerging Inc (JEFI) John Scott4,365$117.00 $510,705.00
1/8/2018Everest Re Group (RE) John A Graf2,285$219.07 $500,574.95
1/8/2018Dave & Buster's Ent (PLAY) Kevin M Sheehan10,000$45.58 $455,800.00
1/10/2018istar (STAR) Istar Inc.25,000$17.91 $447,750.00
1/8/2018istar (STAR) Istar Inc.24,254$17.94 $435,116.76
1/8/2018Dell Technologies (DVMT) Michael S Dell12,967$33.17 $430,115.39
1/9/2018NexPoint Res Trust (NXRT) James D Dondero14,065$27.68 $389,319.20
1/8/2018SunCoke Energy (SXCP) Sun Coal & Coke Llc19,524$17.67 $344,989.08
1/8/2018Lamb Weston (LW) Peter J Bensen5,000$58.18 $290,900.00
1/10/2018pdvWireless (PDVW) Owl Creek Asset7,132$31.97 $228,010.04
1/12/2018Delta Air Lines (DAL) Francis S Blake3,350$59.76 $200,196.00
1/8/2018Rolls-Royce (RR) Ruth Cairnie224$866.00 $193,984.00
1/9/2018Legacy Reserves (LGCY) Baines Creek Cap92,976$1.73 $160,848.48
1/11/2018Aukett Swanke Group (AUK) Nicholas Thompson50,000$3.00 $150,000.00
1/8/2018Mercer International (MERC) Peter R Kellogg10,000$14.25 $142,500.00
1/9/2018Swiss Helvetia Fund (SWZ) Andrew Dakos9,982$12.93 $129,067.26
1/10/2018Biglari (BH) Sardar Biglari271$419.67 $113,730.57
1/9/2018Herzfeld Caribbean (CUBA) Thomas J Herzfeld13,900$7.25 $100,775.00
1/11/2018Personal Assets Trust (PNL) Robin John Angus2$41,100.00 $82,200.00
1/8/2018Immune Design (IMDZ) Leo Guthart20,000$3.90 $78,000.00
1/10/2018Blackrock Throg (THRG) Simon Beart152$488.00 $74,176.00
1/9/2018Concurrent Comp (CCUR) Julian D Singer12,733$5.79 $73,724.07
1/9/2018Build-A-Bear (BBW) Point72 Asset Mgmt8,849$8.00 $70,792.00
1/11/2018Herzfeld Caribbean (CUBA) Thomas J Herzfeld9,500$7.20 $68,400.00
1/12/2018Century Bancorp (CNBKA) James J Filler837$79.89 $66,867.93
1/11/2018Jupiter European Oppor (JEO) Andrew L Sutch77$769.00 $59,213.00
1/11/2018Putnam High Income (PCF) Bulldog Investors, Llc6,337$9.10 $57,666.70
1/11/2018Francesca's (FRAN) Steven Paul Lawrence10,000$5.56 $55,600.00
1/9/2018Foreign & Colonial (FRCL) Jeffrey Hewitt74$667.00 $49,358.00
1/10/2018Temple Bar Inv Trust (TMPL) John Reeve37$1,330.00 $49,210.00
1/9/2018China Fund (CHN) City Of London Group1,900$22.46 $42,674.00
1/9/2018Mexco Energy (MXC) Nicholas C Taylor10,000$4.25 $42,500.00
1/8/2018FS Investment (FSIC) Thomas Gravina5,000$7.76 $38,800.00
1/10/2018Verisk Analytics (VRSK) Lee Shavel388$96.61 $37,484.68
1/9/2018Tel-Instrument Elec (TIK) Vincent J Dowling Jr11,944$2.71 $32,368.24
1/10/2018GEE Group (JOB) Arthur B Laffer12,289$2.59 $31,828.51
1/10/2018BP (BP) Brian Gilvary60$528.00 $31,680.00
1/8/2018NII (NIHD) Joseph D Samberg56,132$0.52 $29,188.64
1/9/2018Corenergy Infra (CORR) David J Schulte690$37.27 $25,716.30
1/10/2018Empire Petroleum (EMPR) Tony Kamin250,000$0.10 $25,000.00
1/10/2018Diageo (DGE) Kathryn Mikells9$2,664.00 $23,976.00
1/8/2018Curtiss-Wright (CW) Rita J. Heise185$122.69 $22,697.65
1/10/2018Corenergy Infra (CORR) Rebecca M Sandring575$36.93 $21,234.75
1/8/2018Alliance Trust (ATST) Gregor Stewart27$763.00 $20,601.00
1/9/2018QinetiQ Group (QQ) Steve Wadey88$226.00 $19,888.00
1/8/2018Prudential (PRU) Mike Wells10$1,917.00 $19,170.00
1/10/2018Croda International (CRDA) Steve Foots4$4,440.00 $17,760.00
1/11/2018Martin Midstream (MMLP) Ruben S Martin1,090$15.01 $16,360.90
1/9/2018Capita (CPI) Jonathan (Jon) Lewis39$408.00 $15,912.00
1/10/2018Century Bancorp (CNBKA) James J Filler200$78.15 $15,630.00
1/8/2018National Grid (NG) Nicola Shaw18$864.00 $15,552.00
1/8/2018A.G. BARR (BAG) Jonathan David Kemp23$672.00 $15,456.00
1/11/2018AA (AA) Martin C Clarke95$159.00 $15,105.00
1/8/2018CLS (CLI) Fredrik Widlund60$251.00 $15,060.00
1/10/2018Firstgroup (FGP) Jimmy Groombridge133$113.00 $15,029.00
1/8/2018Gocompare (GOCO) Nick Wrighton133$113.00 $15,029.00
1/12/2018Share (SHRE) Richard Tolkien652$23.00 $14,996.00
1/11/2018Zotefoams (ZTF) Gary McGrath32$464.00 $14,848.00
1/10/2018GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Dominic Redfern10$1,333.00 $13,330.00
1/9/2018IMI (IMI) Daniel Shook9$1,398.00 $12,582.00
1/8/2018Daily Mail and Gen (DMGT) Kevin Beatty21$597.00 $12,537.00
1/10/2018Lloyds Banking (LLOY) George Culmer184$68.00 $12,512.00
1/8/2018Terex (TEX) John D. Sheehan263$47.46 $12,481.98

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