Trump Investigation But Where’s the Investigation Into Democrats?

Trump Investigation Meme

Democrats and the mainstream media are now pushing for the Trump investigation to divert to his son-in-law Jared Kushner because he bought part of the old New York Times building from a Soviet-born tycoon Lev Leviev. Like I told you, Robert Mueller as former head of the FBI, is not impartial. He’s part of the deep-state that is at odds with the President. Mueller is actually investigating Jared Kushner’s real-estate transactions now as he seeks to determine whether the Trump campaign collaborated with Russia to distort the outcome of the 2016 race.

Really? The FBI concluded last year that there was no link between the Trump campaign and Russia. Jared Kushner is the target of the Democrat party and their media outlet MSNBC as seen here.

Those who live in glass-houses shouldn’t throw rocks.

It’s looking more and more like the big power play by Democrats is to use the Trump investigation and the mainstream media to give the public the perception that President Trump is constantly under investigation. The purpose is to divert the public away from the real criminals: Hillary Clinton and the Democrat party.

Hillary’s campaign Chairman John Podesta sat on the board of a small energy company alongside Russian officials that received $35 million from a Putin-connected Russian government fund. Making things worse, Podesta never fully disclosed the relationship, as the law requires. Where is an investigation into collusion between the Hillary Clinton campaign and Russia? If Hillary Clinton took $35 million from the Russians, is that not collaborating with Russia to distort the outcome of the 2016 race?

Hillary Clinton benefited from a relationship with Russia in which she helped Vladimir Putin build Skolkovo, a high-tech community meant to be “the Russian equivalent of America’s Silicon Valley.” While Clinton was in charge at the State Department, the U.S. recruited lots of high-tech U.S. firms including Google, Cisco and Intel — to take part in the Russian project. Of the 28 companies from the U.S., Europe and Russia that took part, 17 were donors to the Clinton Foundation or paid Bill Clinton to give speeches. Where is an investigation into the Clinton Foundation’s collusion with Russia? It looks like Hillary used the State Department’s offices to line her family’s pockets through the Clinton Foundation. Why is that not being investigated? Especially since Clinton pushed for a “reset” with Russia that seems to have led to a resurgent Russia expanding its military, diplomatic and economic power in Eastern Europe. Hillary Clinton gave US tech corporations big business inside Russia in exchange for big campaign donations. Is this not collaborating with Russia to distort the outcome of the 2016 race?

If those leading the Trump investigation applied the same standards to Hillary Clinton and Democrats, they would be found guilty already!

Hillary Clinton, after receiving a subpoena for her computers, deleted thousands of emails and used the software of a company that writes over the data once it’s deleted so it can’t be recovered. It is illegal to damage and destroy information after receiving a court subpoena for that information. Where is an investigation into the cover-up by Hillary Clinton in this blatant and illegal act of destroying evidence under subpoena?

Then Attorney General Loretta Lynch had a private meeting with former President Bill Clinton aboard his airplane last year regarding the investigation into his wife Hillary Clinton. James Comey told senators that Lynch’s meeting in his view tarnished her credibility on the issue, forcing the FBI – not the Justice Department – to take the unusual step last summer of announcing that investigators had concluded their investigation of Hillary Clinton’s use of the server. James Comey dropped the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s illegal act of using her own private email server for government communications because then Attorney General Loretta Lynch had a private meeting with Bill Clinton. Why? Comey told Congress that the reason was, “…It made me worry that the department leadership could not credibly complete the investigation and decline prosecution without grievous damage to the American people’s confidence in the justice system.” We already know James Comey is drama. Where is an investigation into Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton which led to the FBI dropping the case against Hillary Clinton? Why is the Clinton investigation dropped so easily when proof exists of illegal activities and yet the Trump investigation is not dropped when no proof exists?

James Comey admitted leaking private and classified information to the mainstream media. Where is the investigation into the deep-state and James Comey who violated FBI rules by purposely leaking classified information to the media in a blatant attempt to harm the President after being fired by him?

CNN leaked debate questions to Hillary Clinton in order to defeat Bernie Sanders in a televised debate. This was massive election fraud that could have changed the outcome of the debate and hence the entire Presidential election. The FCC has regulatory oversight for this massive fraud against the American people. Where is an investigation into CNN manipulating the Presidential election and defrauding the public?

The biggest reason the Democrat party lost was because of their bad decision to put Hillary Clinton forward as their candidate. Hillary Clinton was a deeply flawed candidate as I discussed here. Reality check: Russia didn’t make Hillary Clinton lose. Democrats need to move on instead of acting like a bunch of babies like Miley Cyrus and wasting our valuable time and tax dollars keeping this Trump investigation going in what amounts to hardly more than a witch hunt.

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Trump Investigation Meme

Author: Lance Jepsen

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    1. Right, LOL. I’ll take that silence to mean most agree with my assessment to some degree and there’s really not much anyone cares to add. Most traders, over time, lean towards Republicans because they try and follow economics and the laws of supply and demand more closely than Democrats do. It doesn’t take a trader long to realize that most Democrat policies are really bad for their long positions. So being that the majority of visitors here are traders that lean Republican, the silence makes sense.

      1. Lance, how about some more insight into Bitcoin, ethereum, your last article was great. It’s pulling me in to buy some GBTC but not quite sure. Thanks for all you do. Kudos

        1. Hi Jonathan. Here’s the way I’m going to play GBTC. The MSM started hyping bitcoin like crazy. There was a flurry of articles about how you’d be a millionaire in 7 years had you bought $100 worth of bitcoin. It was crazy mania. I heard people in Carls Jr where I was having lunch talking about how you’d be a “billionaire from $10”. I heard that and just chuckled because you know the story changes when one person tells someone else. Anyways, I felt it. CNBC was really pumping bitcoin hard. I bought GBTC as a liquid way to front-run all the people I figured were going to sign up with a bitcoin service to buy bitcoin. I tried to buy it myself and my bank blocked it for good reason. But I figured everyone else was trying to sign up and so I could get in first with GBTC and then sell a couple weeks later once the average Joe bought some bitcoin. I think we have to think like that. Real cut-throat. No buying physical bitcoin and just buying when the hype starts again. It will start again, some day. For now, with the fork coming August 1, 2017, anything could happen and GBTC could drop even more. I just want to take from suckers who buy into bitcoin. So put on your BS detector hat. When the pump starts in a few weeks or months from now about bitcoin and maybe another country or bitcoin bank opens up, something big. Jump into GBTC, hold it for a few days to several weeks, then get the heck out for some good profits. Buy on bitcoin hype, not the chart. Bitcoin doesn’t have a floor. If you try to buy a bottom, you could get hit with the sudden realization that it wasn’t a bottom. That’s how I’m going to play it because it worked REALLY good for me last time. Not saying that’s the only way to play it. It’s just what I’m going to do because I view bitcoin as being more risky than penny stocks right now.

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