Trump Tax Cuts and Which Companies Will Benefit the Most

President Trump’s tax reform proposal seeks to lower the federal income-tax rate to 20% from the current 35%.

This massive tax cut is supply side economics put into practice. Please review this lesson on microeconomics and taxation here.

Large multinational corporations hold a lot of cash overseas because bringing that money to the US would result in a high tax rate.

How Tax Cuts Will Impact Wall Street

If Republicans and Democrats can come together and cut the corporate income-tax rate, it will result in analysts raising earnings estimates for many companies that pay the current tax rate of 35%.

Below is a list of companies that pay the highest tax rates according to Forbes, and MarketWatch:

Newmont Mining = 50%
Hewlett Packard Enterprise = 46%
Nordstrom = 45%
CenturyLink = 45%
Aetna = 44%
Centene = 44%
TripAdvisor = 43%
W.W. Grainger = 41%
Hilton Worldwide Holdings = 41% = 41%
UnitedHealth Group = 40%
Home Depot = 36%
Verizon Communications = 34%
Walt Disney = 33%
McDonald’s = 33%
American Express = 32%
Wal-Mart Stores = 31%
Visa = 29%
3M = 28%
Caterpillar = 28%
J.P. Morgan Chase & Company = 28%
Goldman Sachs Group = 27%

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