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“What a Crock of S***!”

CNBC has this left-leaning slant like all of Comcast’s owned media properties. So when a guest comes on that accuses a Democrat of towing a “crock of s***”, it’s as funny as heck.

Democrats that hold political office in New York botched a Amazon headquarters deal in New York that would have brought 40,000 good paying jobs to the area.

CNBC had on billionaire investor Sam Zell and Democrat New York representative Gregory Meeks to discuss the botched Amazon deal. Jeff Bezos is a Democrat himself and actually hurt his reputation and business with half the country so he could buy the Washington Post and use it to attack the President and Republicans while keeping dark Amazon’s own $600 million deal with the CIA. You would think that pro-Democrat Bezos and Democrat bosses in New York could easily come to a deal. Instead, Angela Cortez organized and shipped in paid protestors to squash the deal. Here is Angela Cortez bragging about her efforts to non-other than NBC:

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez happily declaring victory after killing Amazon deal

In the last few days, after the dumbness of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez really sank in to the citizens of New York, Cortez is now reversing herself like a typical immoral politician.

Democrat Gregory Meeks was on CNBC and suddenly Sam Zell came on the set and had some straight words for New York Democrats:

Democrat Gregory Meeks on CNBC being questioned about botched Amazon deal

At the very end, Sam Zell’s mic was still hot when he uttered these words that many hardworking people in New York cheered:

Sam Zell hot mic incident
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