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Media Bias and the Trump Agenda


You would think that Democrats would have learned the lesson of media bias from their defeat in the midterm elections as the big “blue wave” they promised fizzled into only a win of the House and even that victory was likely fraudulent. My state of California has more congressional House seats than any other state […]

Pro-Trump Supporter Accused As Racist Stands Up For Himself


This young and mis-guided man working in Xhale City Vape Shop verbally attacked a customer for wearing a pro-Trump shirt. Democrats and their mainstream media groups are to blame for this mis-guided young man that was ultimately fired from Xhale City Vape Shop. Most people who support President Trump are too afraid to wear pro-Trump […]

Google CEO Confronted By Alex Jones At Congress Last Week


In fantastic vintage Alex Jones form, Alex did a one-man protest against Google SEO Sundar Pichai when he appeared for testimony before Congress last week. This isn’t fake liberal Democrat George Soros stuff where people are paid to harass Republican senators. You know, the fake Brett Kavanaugh garbage that took place in the summer of […]

US and China currencies

China Trade War Halt On 90 Day Ceasefire Watch Overnight Futures


The U.S. and China have agreed to a 90-day ceasefire in the ongoing trade war between the two countries! Hooray! Let’s see how overnight futures start trading tonight and if a risk-on trade kicks in on the Russell 2000. The 90-day truce from the trade war between the world’s two largest economies gives China time […]

CCI stock chart oversold but not large players volume yet.

Crown Castle Backlog Surging For 5G Small Cell Nodes


Demand for Crown Castle’s small cell nodes is surging higher. In the company’s earnings call on October 19, 2018, the company said, “In addition to the expected acceleration in new leasing activity, our pipeline of contracted small cell nodes to be constructed over the next 18 to 24 months continues to grow and currently stands […]

Kavanaugh Takes Place On US Supreme Court


I’m so proud of you, my fellow citizens. I remember back in my college days, a group of us huddled in secrecy to talk about the biases in the mainstream media and the university system. I remember lamenting and getting angry at watching the mainstream media news because of what I thought was obvious mind-control […]

INTC stock

Intel Stock Coming Off the Bottom On Rising Large Players Volume


Rumors are circulating that Intel’s 10nm production ramp is happening more quickly than expected and may even beat AMD to market. This flies in the face of rumors over the last few months that AMD was rapidly stealing market share from Intel because of Intel’s 10nm chip production delays. Analysts at BlueFin Research said that […]

Pareteum Expects at Least $8 Million in Third Quarter 2018 Revenue


Pareteum Corporation (TEUM) announced that it expects a minimum of $8 million in third quarter revenues. This represents an approximate 129% growth for the third quarter ended September 30, 2018, as compared to a year ago. Third quarter expected 2018 revenues will also represent an approximate 33% sequential growth over the second quarter of 2018, […]

Flag of China's Communist Party

China’s Takeover Attempt Of the US Is Crushed


Chinese investments in the US have plunged -92% from its peak 2 years ago according to Mergermarket. The game has long been that China has devalued its currency relative to the US dollar to gain competitive advantage on its exports. It also subsidizes all of its corporations because Communism by definition is government ownership of […]

LYG stock in downtrend

Sell Lloyds Banks (LYG) For a -16 Percent Loss


Sell Lloyds bank for a -16% loss. I’m sorry everyone. I blew it on this pick. We have held this position in the portfolio since October 2017 and it has not panned out for us. Things are getting worse, much worse for Lloyds Bank. Short sellers are hitting Lloyds Banking Group hard in an attempt […]