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S-300 missile firing

Israel Now Is The Hot Spot In Syria


After Israel bombed Syria last week, it is likely that Israel jets will be banned from entering into Syria. Russia already banned U.S. jets from entering the area which is why Israel jets were used to conduct the bombings last week. The next logical move by Russia is to ban Israel jets from Syrian skies Read More »

Amazon chart with rising large players volume.

Amazon Stock Sentiment Up, Has More Than 100 Million Prime Members


Amazon stock is up this morning after it was reported that Amazon has more than 100 million prime members. That works out to more than $9 billion in revenue just from prime member fees. Amazon stock has taken Micron’s place as our “go to ATM” stock. Amazon stock sentiment in the news has become very Read More »

Amazon stock price starting to rise, with rising large players volume and a Twiggs Money Flow about ready to break positive.

Amazon Swing Long Trade On TMF Buy Signal


The public dust-up between Jeff Bezos and President Trump has created a buying opportunity in Amazon stock. President Trump, in role of Twitter Troll, has accused Jeff Bezos’ Amazon of scamming the U.S. Post Office and Bezos’ Washington Post as publishing “fake news”. Jeff Bezos has largely been quiet as President Trump has been trolling Read More »

YY chart down 17 percent from our entry.

Massive Short Interest Building in YY, I Capitulate Sell For 18 Percent Loss


I’m capitulating on YY. YY saw a massive increase in short interest during the month of March. As of March 15th, there was short interest totalling 1,196,906 shares, an increase of 129.3% from the February 28th total of 522,059 shares. We are down about -18% on the trade. Let us sell and realize the -18% Read More »

GoPro chart surges 5 percent on buyout rumors

Rumors Circulating This Company Could Be Bought


I’m hearing rumors that this company could be bought by the Chinese. GoPro Inc (GPRO) shares closed up 5% on Thursday, April 12, 2018, on rumors circulating that a potential buyout could come from a major Chinese company. The rumor is that Xiaomi Corp. is thinking about making an offer for GoPro. GoPro CEO Nick Read More »


How To Profit From Trump’s Tweets


Some people just like to sit around and hate all the time. Don’t hate on Trump’s trolling tweets, instead, make money from them. Trump’s brawling New York style of Twitter trolling is really rubbing the world wrong, and that’s a big win for us. Trump’s tweets trolling China added to trade war tensions. Trump trolling Read More »

Buy order coming off the dark pool for Amazon stock on April 5, 2018

Amazon Buy Order Off the Dark Pool


Amazon, like lots of big tech names, had buying coming off the dark pool at market open on April 5, 2018. It was just one buy order coming off the dark pool this morning… Notice the sideways consolidation while the Nasdaq gave back some of its gains. That’s solid relative strength. The Twiggs Money Flow Read More »

Triangle with a dot below and then below the dot underground pipes spreading outward.

China AI Global Domination Helped By US Corporations?


Artificial intelligence is the next big technology boom. It promises to help with everything from reading patients x-rays and indentifying possible cancer, to developing cures for disease, to driving cars, to even piloting drone swarms for use in warfare. The country that controls most of the technology and patents on artificial intelligence stands to have Read More »

Facebook stock is down 20 percent and looks like it is a good long entry.

Facebook Stock and Why Now Is The Time To Buy


Facebook stock is a smoking hot buy right now IMO and here is why. Facebook Inc issued its quarterly earnings results on January 31, 2018. The company reported EPS of $2.20 for the quarter versus the 1.96 estimate. Revenue also beat coming in at $12.97 billion during the quarter, versus the $12.58 billion estimate. Revenue Read More »

Apple Slows Down Older Phones


Multiple lawsuits have been filed against Apple for allegedly pushing out an update to older phones which slowed them down in order to spur sales for its latest phone. Dozens of iPhone owners are taking Apple Inc. to court over the company’s disclosure that it slowed down old phones to preserve battery life. More than Read More »

Micron Technology and Trading the Swings


Micron Technology is our ATM stock and with the recent pullback, I think it’s time to make money in this stock pick again. There’s no sure thing in stock trading but if there was, Micron stock is about as close as it gets. Premium members know that I pick companies with incredible financials that are Read More »

Patient says I can't breathe. Robot responds I understand you want a breath mint.

Self Driving Car Kills Pedestrian… Industry Says Its Woman’s Fault


In Tempe, Arizona, a homeless lady by the name of Rafael Vasquez walked in front of a self-driving car and was killed. The self driving car didn’t even attempt to break. I don’t mean to make a joke out of this horrible accident and loss of life, but, you guys know from the Saturday Showopens Read More »